What about the TOWER?

Few hours ago, me and my friend were bored. We jumped into Vermintide 2 lobby and started doing stuff. We were doing all the jumping puzzles in Taals Horn Keep. And then we tried the next level jumping. We got to the roof and also next to the the tower. The tower… From the first time I saw it, it intrigued me. Lorewise, I guess, the Grey Wizard is there, but I would really like to get in there. Maybe in a level in the future? Why not, something like the last level in V1. But I would love to see a jumping puzzle and a secret there. Imagine, how cool would it be. Please, Fatshark, do this for us, bored players who like to explore the lobby. Make some insanely hard jumping puzzle to get into the tower. And place something funny there. Or maybe, give us an achievement. Or even a skin, if you feel like that. Or portrait outline. I dont know. It would have to be super epic, but ya know, something to indicate, the player who has it, has no life.

There could be even like a puzzle to get to the final part of the tower. Like there could be symbols hidden in other hard-to-get-to places (roof, soem of the ledges and stuff) and you would have to know them to get to the final room,where the secret is.


Please, no more jumping puzzles… please

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