A "hoppy" suggestion to the Keep

During the patch 1.0.8 BETA the Taal’s Horn Keep’s jumping puzzle was made a mess. Collision added to the beams below the lower wooden balcony were messed up, which made it impossible to get past the halfway point.

As of the main patch release, this has been fixed and you can now happily do your jumping puzzle again while in the keep, either waiting for players to finish their buisness or to join or to simply pass time.

However, I also noticed that the puzzle had been added to. Past the point you could get to previously, you can now jump further around the lower wooden balcony until you get to the empty space where you are between the ladder to the Crow’s Nest (unlocked at level 25 with 1 character) and the balcony itself.

So what is my suggestion? I can already see that the puzzle will become longer (or it’s just something they forgot to fix). One of the new wooden beams that is hanging from a chain isn’t connected to anything. As in, the chain is connected to the beam and… nothing. It’s just floating in the air. Maybe it was meant to be connected to an additional part of the puzzle, or maybe I am just overthinking things. But what if it WAS longer… and what if it would be the only way to unlock something?

My suggestion is to expand the puzzle so that you now have to go from the inside, through the hole in the wall to the outside and get up on the roof of the main keep.
From there it could be added so that you must jump on poles or Oleysa’s magically floating rocks (?) above the extension between the forge and the courtyard to get to the mountainside.
Then you could jump along the mountainside via another puzzle and eventually make it to the part of the keep that is behind the Waterwheel.

And here is the unlocking bit. You must find a hole in the keeps roof and jump down it. The room will basically be a bar and the entrance to it will be locked. But from this side, you can permanently unlock it. The door’s lock is basically like the door blocking the third tome on Empire in Flames or the first grim on War Camp.
Once unlocked, the door will always be unlocked in that player’s keep, whether they exit the game or join a match or whatever.
The bar should house things that make it similar to the Red Moon Inn in Vermintide 1 AND if you have played the original game then the flags and stuff you got for completing those levels should be displayed in there.
Also, Lohner will sometimes be in there instead of in the main keep when you enter the map.
There could also be a second door leading to Lohner’s Quarter in the Bar itself. Maybe that’s where you enter when you jump down from the roof?

Then if you want, you can make the jumping puzzle extend with something that acts like a button on that part of the keeps roof that causes rocks to start floating towards the roof of the Lone Tower. (The Rocks are floating thanks to the influence of Olesya’s Magic.) The Rocks only remain floating for a certain amount of time.
So to complete the jumping puzzle now you must jump to a balcony (which will in that case be added) that is high up on the roof of that Tower, which gives you an achievement for reaching it, but does not allow you to enter the Tower itself.

So to sum it up:

  • Start jumping from Sienna’s porch (her first sleeping area).
  • From the Main Keep floor all the way up (like now, with some extra stuff added).
  • Jump through the hole in the Main Keep’s stone wall.
  • Get ontop of the Main Keep’s roof.
  • Jump from the roof to the mountainside over the extension between the forge and the keep (above Bardin’s Quarter).
  • Jump along the mountainside towards the keep area behind the waterwheel and get ontop of it.
  • 2 Options:
  1. Find the hole in the roof that takes you to the bar and unlock the door. (Unlocking the room[s] permanently)
  2. Interact with an object on the roof to cause some rocks to float between that part of the keep and the lone tower and make your way to the balcony high up on the roof of the Tower, before the magic on the rocks wears off. (Get an achievement)

Loooong post. Sorry about that.

What do you guys think? I just think this would be a nice addition, although hard (for players), but that is the point while also unlocking or getting something. :stuck_out_tongue:


I read hoppy and really hoped this was beer related.

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Well, it ain’t entirely beer unrelated, considering the unlockable bar suggestion part.

But yes, it is not mainly about that.

Thought it had something to do with beer as well

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