Proof that case is crap well broken

Seriously, all good in the end, and suddenly a minotaur appears with regeneration, invincible and illusionist and the but of everything is patrols of beastmen did not stop leaving and more and more even elite with armor came, I counted at that moment 5 flags But as a fuq shark everything seems to be left to the AI because not even the programmers and designers realize the problem, and not even the achievements in this difficulty and they can only be done in veteran or recruit, but that would take away entertainment

note. apparently this is another minotaur, because the doors to go down the stairs were open and another minotaur appeared with the aforementioned abilities


And what is the problem exactly? Frankly I failed to realize it even after reading your post.

Well I’ve just finished doing them for my 5th character yesterday. I was thankful the mino wasn’t ‘Rampart’ really. :sweat_smile:

I don´t get the Problem.

It is Chaos Wastes, random stuff, positiv as well as negativ, does happen.
Personally I went from Cata-CW to Legend-CW because with Rando-Groups I could not win a run.
On Legend it works most of the time, if I have a day or days when it just doesn´t work I go down to Champion for a run or two.

While I do agree, that some Mark-Combos are overtuned, Vermintide never guarantees you a win, EVER.
If a difficulty doesn´t work for you, ask for help, read a guide or get a stable group of people that are better than you so you can learn.

If you have to play Recruit or Veteran to get anything done, Vermintide might not be the right game for you.

I only disagree with this statement. Both Recruit and Veteran difficulties are de-facto part of the game therefore it is completely legit playing them.

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Yes maybe I did not formulate that well, one (meaning any player) can ofc play the game on whatever difficulty one likes.

But for me it becomes a Problem when people that only manage to do Recruit/Veteran (whatever the reason) then want to do Legend/Cata for rewards.
You either have to drag them through it, which cheapens the rewards for me because I put in the work. Or they demand nerfs on a grand scale which damages that which makes Vermintide fun, or in this case makes Chaos Wastes as a Rogue-Lite mode fun.

My opinion ofc, but there are also people who are just bad at games like Vermintide, seems to be true for people who are bad a 1st Person shooters like CS or BF/CoD etc.


I believe illusionist must be nerfed slightly so the damage output of copies isn’t as hard, or copies don’t actually have all the other quirks to their fullest.
I have had a turd sandwich shoved in my throat by the ai director with illusionist shield breaking rampart before and it wasn’t as good .
But hopefully they don’t nerf it to the ground, it must be hard or else it doesn’t feel good to beat it.

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