This. Is. Vermintide

The new combat is fantastic! I haven’t had this much fun since the early days of VT1! Enemies are finally dangerous! Blocking is no longer a right-click invincibility button! YOU HAVE TO ACTUALLY FIGHT AS A TEAM! After 10+ tries I STILL haven’t beaten Dark Omens on Legendary and its AMAZING! Beastmen are so much fun to fight! Bestigors are a great elite, so much more unique and dynamic then a mauler or stormvermin. And warbanners man - nothing beats frantically trying to push through a hoard of hyper-buffed beastmen to tear down their blasphemous icon! So satisfying - and deadly when you fail :D!

I took a hiatus in early spring, whenever that big balance patch was, as it seemed like the game just wasn’t for me anymore. Too much of a power trip, with unnecessary loot seemingly the only end-game. This update is a massive return to form, reminds me of Cata in VT1. The fact that I haven’t even tried the new Cataclysm makes me giddy, so much challenge to look forward to! I’ll never be able to go back to mindlessly deleting slave hoards after this. Kudos Fat Shark


You mean ‘Vermingrind’.

I have to level 25 more times just to get back what I already had.


It’s not like there’s two modes dropping with WoM for people who want something harder than Legend. Let’s change it for everyone.
“Blocking is no longer a right-click invincibility button!”
You sure you were playing Vermintide 2?


What do you mean? You only need 5 levels for a character you want which is very easy. Should you want to cheese it play recruit.

So you’re saying I should:

  1. Settle for less then I had before.
  2. Not complain about the work being minor, when it’s still work to get something I already had, that was taken away from me.

No. The idea is insulting. The idea that they wan’t me to PAY THEM for being given this ‘opportunity’ is comical.


I’d say you are paying for a major overhaul of the game. It so happens that one part is tweaking of talents that they decided to do. While I understand the frustration of “losing” the last talent you wanted for a while, I also see that the current legend is set to players at lvl 35. Playing it before that is challenging oneself more than intended.

So yes, we were kicked back a notch, but that small time is easily spent on learning the ropes again.

Posts like this that are 100% apologist are dangerous.

Yes, the game is in a somewhat decent state right now. Once you adapt the changes aren’t all that bad. Trading one meta for another essentially. The new meta isn’t all that bad in the grand scheme of things.

However, your post suggests that the Beastmen are 100% fine as they currently stand. Which is very wrong. They still need tweaking. Especially their attack animations and the fact that they really like to clip through each other when attacking still.


$5 says this post was made by a covert dev in an attempt to make this expansion seem like less garbage.

the combat is garbage

you like losing over and over again

ok. . .

I thought a lot of the hate over the shited lvl 35 talants was overblown but I have changed my mind.

This stacked with a lot of other moves is clearly a sign that Fatshark thinks grinding is a core experience. I’m actually glad people where fuming about this, the additional 25 lvls (5 characters) was just Fatshark trying to pad 2 hours of playtime into the DLC to prevent refunds, Maybe I’m cynical but there really isn’t any other reason to do it and I at this point with each DLC being lesser than the last I can see why they might try this boardroom style play.

Because no matter how much work and effort went into this content for chunk of people its just 1 more weapon for each character and a level which nobody is going to want in the quick play list.

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