Game Borken?!

Like a month ago i returned to Vermintide 2, but i’m still experiencing the same messed up game i left…

I know, crybaby, get gud, blablabla

Even ppl which play Cata only run, If they join my Lobby. My friends don’t want to play with me anymore.

I reinstalled the game twice, but i’m still struggling with patrols showing up, while a boss spawns in and simultaniously having horde with like 10 berzerks & 6+ Specials. Even on legendary it’s like 10-15 berzerks or monks per horde.

What the hell… I’m watching Onslaught+ sometimes and they have less traffic on Cata3 than i on legendary…

So should i throw away my XBox or ist there any solution? I love this game, but it’s ridiculous. Twitch Mode feels like my average game.

We were doing Cata duos with my mate lately, and we sometimes wondered at all the stuff the game throws at us. My conclusion is: Youtube only gets the good lucky successful runs while all those failed tries remain unseen. If the game is hard to the point of frustration, just bump the diff down a notch - it really isn’t worth your wasted nerve cells over it.


You’re right but than in Champ the game ist either boring or still messy. Had a round of against the grain on Champ slayed 300 elites and 50+ specials, before we where at the 1st grim. Than died cause i remained last alive.

Aren’t there restrictions to the game how much is allowed to spawn?

Like most ppl don’t even believe patrols run up to bosses. They never have seen it. Most even thinking im joking or lieing, before they get wopped themselve.

I also was thinking the timer is either a boss or a patrols. Well not on my Host… :wink:

I’d love to see those runs on YT :slight_smile:
That reminds me that one time we played L4D2 and the horde timer broke right 2/3 of the run in. Needless to say it was fun - like 4x ‘send in the nex wave’ deed kind of fun :slight_smile:

But seriously, 300 elites? Record vids - I haven’s seen anything like that.

This is all you need to know about youtube vids. Twitch is a better view into high tier runs, but I do agree - depending upon the host there seems to be some runs where the AI Director has some kind of episode and churns out 4 assassins and a hook rat immediately followed by four gunners who proceed to shoot each other, then gasrat, storm and 3 leeches. All in under 3 mins and on some kind of rolling system where one special dies and it is replaced almost immediately with one or 2 more.

I’ve also had Boss+Patrol on Against the Grain, and Festering Ground definitely. It’s memorable as everyone is like “WTF spawning boss and patrol?” … although in god-knows-how-many hours it is very very rare.


Sadly i can only clip the last 5 minutes on XBox. But tonight i will play a couple rounds. :slight_smile:

Had the patrol+boss combo at the start of righteous stand & halescourge. Both in maybe 5 games…

Ist there any evidence maybe that old pc’s/consoles can’t handle the game and do what they want?

Just joined someone on legendary quickplay & we had 20 specials at the whole map. Lol

IMG-20210801-141456 — ImgBB Just played a random mission, can you guys guess the difficulty?
Spoiler Allert: Champion…

As you’re playing on XBOX I think there are much reduced hordes and a higher appearance of Elites and specials due to console hardware limitations PC’s might not have.

200ish elites in the screenshot seems high though, and if it’s only when you’re on your own then I supose there might be an argument that it’s about the host’s machine capabilities.

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