Severe Bugs With Dlc

Disclaimer long rant: To begin several of these bugs i have noticed are with the new class dlc for me at least ,I also realize some have been around for awhile. One of the most common bugs i have noticed is the adds vanish then reappear now i thought it was me however several matches today and on other hosts as well with good latency it still happens one second they are their and another poof gone but as you walk through zone they reappear behind you or literally come out of a wall on cata its total hell. The Second bug i have noticed is spawns this bug is similar to the ole flying adds however when a patrol fall from the sky and then drops directly on top of you well its quite chaotic . Third other major one is chaos waste map curses so half the run i did today which is 9 the curses are backwords for instance earlier during a run that had + elites and not cursed by khorne we had hordes and 3 monsters and 23 specials and this was early in progression mind you some were legend others cata minor bugs is boons not working consistently such as vauls anvil and yes shields were up no cd on effect.Is anyone else going through this ? sorry for rant wanted to be thorough .

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