Bugs that need to be fixed asap

Hello Fatshark,

Please address this bugs as they need fixing as soon as possible since they are breaking the game.

1st and most important are the sounds for Patrols,Hordes,Assassins,Pack masters that just spawn out of thin air and attack you without you knowing they are there.

2nd Patrols. Patrol movements are a joke currently they move between 5 and 6 meters from left to right. There is no way a single person to dodge them or the whole squad.

3rd Client Host issues, For example Kerrilian as Waystalker has significantly better ult damage and ult control when the player is a host. When Kerrillian is the Client ult goes where ever it pleases and it cannot kill 2 Plague monks or berserkers. As stated in one of the posts where this was mentioned it was stated it was a ping issue. It would be a ping issue with the Host has ping that is going from 0 to 5 and Client has ping that is going from 200 to 300ms. When the ping is 30-40ms between Client and the host that is not causing this issue.

4th Essence. Essense is useless now. We went from grinding essence for weave upgrades to i have 300k essence that i dont need since everything is complete, Either add them to everyday crafting use or give us more rewards for weaves for example weapon skins, red dust, guaranteed red. There is a lot to be made by the Seasonal weave stuff that is currently on stalemate and there is no point of doing it, after a while the whole weave system and difficulty of the weaves are a joke and they are only repeating it self.

5th. Achievements. Honestly i don’t feel like i did something or achieved something if i get a Commendation chest. Please consider adding more better rewards. As stated above, Red dust, Better chests, Weapon skins or more cosmetics.

These are 3 bugs that i found everyday and are occurring on every map and every difficulty. It can be a game changer if u dont hear a special/elite coming your way and force you to wipe.

Other 2 examples are somewhat a suggestion what i feel and a lot of your players think it will make the game more fun and more challenging.

Thank you in advance.


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