Witch Hunter Woes, and a simple solution

Huntsman and Merc are fragile in terms of HP :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the knockback on ult actually. When I’m boxed in, it creates the ideal space to start dodgedancing again.

I’ve talked about Witch Hunter Captain also…

in this thread… and go into detail about how much the nerfs since Beta have absolutely wrecked the Witch Hunter Captain… right down to the weapon nerfs in detail…

Its so bad right now… they’re going to have to dedicate an entire patch just to fix the Witch Hunter Captain…

Then the axe needs to do serious damage to armoured opponents if It is so weak in a horde. 2 hit sv, insta-break shields with first hit, 4 hit maulers etc to offset the weakness against the dross enemies. In vt1 with an axe he could go toe to toe with an sv patrol but could easily get in trouble in a horde when he had the axe. The axe was ultimate anti-armour and I did the Trial of the Foolhardy with the axe on cata no real problems ploughing through the sv. I miss having 56 ammo for the pistols too. You know what… I might just go back to VT1 for a bit…

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It does in no way compensate for the lack of cleave right now, and is without doubt the worst melee weapon for Saltz

No one is going to play WHC.

I don’t play it above Champion either anymore since the nerfs. Which I detailed in my previous post.

I play Sienna now and top the charts with Battle Mage and Conflag.

I see loads of Zealots, and some Bounty Hunters… but few to any WHC at Champion level or higher.

Its a clear sign the Job is seriously underpowered.

Fix what you broke… and people will start to play it again.

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Poor WHC…

Lower the CD on his ult… I mean… cummon lol

Also give em some more ‘umph’ somehow. He could use it

Nothing’s broken. He just requires a bit more skill to use. I’d prefer if 1 of my favourite characters doesn’t turn into another cheesefactory.

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Dude… you don’t get it yet do you…

If you have to put out twice the effort to achieve the same results as other jobs/characters…

Then he’s underpowered in comparison.

ie… They broke the WHC out of beta… and continued to break him even more as they kept nerfing.

And at this point its patently apparent they don’t seem to give a damn about having done so.

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Im a WHC Main, play only Legend, i can say he is in a damn good place besides that lame ass Ult.

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Slayer needs twice the effort over bh or pyro as well actually. Guess we better buff him too.
Maybe you should try accepting not everything is as noob friendly as both classes mentioned above.

He isn’t, though.

The moment you compare WHC to Saltzpyre’s other careers, it becomes lackluster. While the ult doesn’t help for sure, his low health is brutal, especially when a lot of damage is just flat out unavoidable in the current state of sound effects and music.

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