Need help/guide for the WHC (Witch Hunter Captain)

I’ve played every career now thought all the levels. (Excepting the zealot in hunger in the dark which just requires it to show up in quick play really.) And there was no career that was as frustratingly hard as this one, while I struggled with others I usually eventually found a play style that suited me and the career, the WHC however continues to elude me.

The positives:

  • There’s a powerful buff to the party, tagged enemies take more damage, (I believe that this works for everyone, no matter who did the tagging. though its only for 5 seconds. and it’s shared with other effects like bombs… so not stackable with them)
  • He gets a nice crit headshot bonus.
  • He has a Ult that increases crit chance for everyone for a short time. (plus a knockback effect)
  • A great infinite block vs light attacks from the front.

OK so it seems like I should be using headshot style weapons with a crit build… Rapier and Crossbow seemed logical, but did not seem to work well for me I kept finding myself struggling with enemies in melee so I’d move to ranged were never really seem to get much out of the crossbow, crits not being a guaranteed thing after all.

Now I’m looking to learn how to play this class, I don’t mind being the party buff charm, so long as I can be effective at staying alive in combat, So any suggested build help would be great.

He seems like he should have more value in the mechanics than I though I had, I just would like some suggestions on how to get the most out of him as he currently is.

Since we have end game stats I’d also love to see contributed stats at the end of the game like:

  • Used extra shield:
  • Gained damage from friends buffs:
  • Contributed parties dealt damage:

Witch hunter Commander passives

Killing Shot’s instant kill on headshot: Neat if you kill a shieldvermin by random otherwise ignore it’s existence.
Eternal Guard (no light attack cost within block arch) now this is a really strong passive especially if you fight as a team.
Witch hunt: Free 20% dmg increase for 5s after tagging.
25% higher headshot power (hidden)


All are good for something I use charmed live (20% dodge) to survive melee better.
Your choice I sometimes switch them up my self. I currently use Marked for Death as it allows me to chain kill elites faster an gives you a nice speed boost whenever someone kills a tagable enemy.
There is no choice here
Cooldown reduction


Rapier (I use this)

  • 30% block angle
    Because I believe this increases eternal guards angle.
  • 10% skaven
    To work towards the skaven slave one hit kill and 2 hits for clan rats, 10% Skaven & Infantry needed on charm.

Trait: I use swift slaying but you can go with what ever you want.


  • Pushes only consume 0.5 :shield:
  • Powerful blocks, heavy attacks only deal half as much :shield: dmg
  • Heavily charged attacks

You kill stormvermin & berserkers in one heavily charged headshot or 2 charged ones. Chaos warriors In 3 heavily charged headshot or 6 charged ones if you didn’t tag +1 charged headshot. The rapier is a very good melee wepon I usually have the most melee kills.

Other Melee

Are meh in my opinion and do not synergise well with him.


None of his ranged weapons deals any considerable dmg to Chaos warriors (max is crossbow with 10 on headshot).

Brace of Pistols (I use this)

  • 10% berserker
    Kills them in 2 shots
    You can reach SV instaheadshots with it but I didn’t find it that useful.

Trait: Your choice

They are really good against assassins (the most dangerous disabler in my opinion) killing them in one hit.
other specials die in 2 hits armored in 3 and the pack master in 4.

Crossbow/Volley Crossbow

  • 10% Skaven
  • 10% Armored
    To kill a stormvermin in in one shot the Crossbow needs 40% and the Volley Crossbow on altfire needs 30% don’t forget that you can tag them for 20%.

Trait: Scrounger

Repeater Pistol

I don’t think it has anything to go for on WHC currently.


I normally use the raiper as well, but if you’re bad with head shots, try the falcion. It’s not bad, and it’s block + push attack is pretty good for hordes. It works a bit like the glaive, it can knock back SV.

I use pretty much the exact same build as Haxorzist. But lately I’ve been using cooldown reduction trait on my melee weapon to get the ULT back faster. The Raiper already attacks so fast.

Also, are you sure you can 1 shot SV with the xbow on legend with that charm? I was sure you needed armour 10% on the charm as well?


I just tested it, you’re right, you can 1 hit SV without armoured on the charm. I’m wondering though, wouldn’t it be better to get armour and infantry on both the charm and xbow? This would allow you to 1 shot all specials besides hookrats I believe. And you should still be able to 1 hit kill SV if they’re tagged, as well as do more damage to maulers.

I would (and i do) take the crit-passiv on elite-kills, 5% crit on melee and the 2% ultimate for crits trait.
Permanently ultimate inc. :smiley:
The Rapier is fast enough on its own.

I use the ammuniton trait, since i mentioned to get hit because of the extended dodge range. (side-dodge)
It´s like the enemies turn straight up to you, if you dodge. I never mentioned that with the normal dodge - distance. Same with Kerillian…

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I’ve never experienced this? The extra dodge makes it nearly impossible to get hit if you do it right, and helps with kiting bosses.

If you dodge backwards yeah, but sidewards seems to be ugly. Maybe it’s just even my own Impression.

Boss-kiting has pro / cons to me. Especially with a hagbane elf, the dd is a must have, but if you want to dodge-lock and ogre / spawn, it happens that you’re not fast enough back in the perfect position to dodge their next attacks. So they’ll run around again.
Especially the spawn is already hard to dodge-lock and the extended range doesnt make it better.

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I share the same sentiment. On certain weapons, I find the increased dodge range to be really uncomfortable and akward. Same reason I don’t run dodge distance on Slayer because it dodges too far on dual axes for me to stay comfortably in range of larger enemies and boss-dodge-lock works better as the push-attack lunge and the regular dodge range are roughly the same.

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To each their own, but can anyone test this or tell me if this is true? I’m currently out of dust lol, been trying to many different set ups for each class.

Well i took my 10mins to think about it again and it´s maybe even a playstyle related issue.
I mostly dodge in a circle around the enemies, so it could happen , that i miss to attack 1 enemy related to the extended dodge. That´s were i could get a hit from.

I run pretty much a similar setup, but I have recently started to prefer the falchion, with full possible chaos and infantry stack and deathknell, you can headshot kill anything that is a mob and the falchion still performs very satisfactory against CW and SV. It has a good push attack and high attack speed that goes well with either swift slaying or RC. I DO run extra dodge distance on it, oddly enough. WHC is a very quirky carreer imho that isn’t “good out of the box”, you need optimized equipment to make him work to his highest potential. I do find it sad that his rather underwhelming ability is on such a high cooldown and that his instant kill on headshot shtick isn’t supported by a passive crit chance bonus and is therefore negligible. But the tagging does allow to hit breakpoints very easily.
I will look into the crossbow thing when I get home.


Thanks for all the suggestions, I’ll give them a try over the weekend and see how it goes :slight_smile:

Can you clarify the Heavy charged attack hidden part? I’m not sure I’m aware of it.

I forgot the pistol is actually not mentioned as well.
Now seriously I know people that didn’t know it dealt more dmg because it’s really not mentioned anywhere and there isn’t that much of a change in animation.

Hold down the charge attack on raiper and it deals around double damage. You can test it in the keep on the dummies, you can bang out quick heavy attacks, or hold down the heavy attack and wait for the character to do it himself. You can hit around 9k damage on normal targets, complete overkill.

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been doing this lately, + skaven on charm and crossbow allows you to onehit stormvermin with crossbow once you tag them, easily allowing you to eliminate threats from hordes, it also allows you to take out skaven specials quickly.

I should add, tag bonus + headshots with crossbow on chaos warriors take solid chunks of their health, with crits they’ll fall over in 3 - 4 shots.
that, and the two handed sword with dodge talent to compensate and deathknell talent for headshots is brutally efficient turns out. :>