Winds of Magic - Season 2 Blog Post

Can you say if the new cosmetics will include skins that are more than recolors? :slight_smile:

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Fatshark can’t possibly make the situation worse.
Inserts Micro transactions.
Oh you have got to be kidding me…

At least can you confirm if these said “paid skins” are available from some kind of ingame reward?
Because if they are not then you just hit a new low.


Why so? They are giving away free maps…
If you want content and the game to evolve, especially with its low price, you have to make paid content once in a while. It doesn’t affect gameplay, and support development, so it s fine. Maps should have been paid content too. They choose otherwise, fine, free content is always cool.
Loot boxes are bad but buyable cosmetics? What is the issue, you don’t have to buy them and if you do, you know exactly what you purchased.

Even borderlands has paid cosmetics is this an issue ?


You mean how they are going to rehash Drachenfelds? You know. Those old maps I’ve already played extensively in the first game… They could have done new maps instead.
Granted I quite liked both Drachenfelds and Karaz maps in the first game.

You are right. Loot boxes are the plague of the gaming industry and it has got to go.
“You don’t have to buy them” I wonder how many times I’ve heard people say that regarding micro transactions. Then you fail to see that it’s a stepping stone into something down the line. How many other devs have done the same before Fatshark? Oh there are many. That’s why micro transactions should always be shunned. I’m fine with big content filled DLCs and expansions since that adds to the game. But if you decide to sell a cosmetic which is only available through money and not ingame reward then you clearly don’t care about your players.

Yes, yes it is. Since they are locked behind a paywall and not available through ingame conquest.
If the skins on sale in borderlands 2 where available through actually playing the game. I would not have any issue with them selling them. It’s only a shortcut then.


We did see thoses cosmetics during the 1, and it wasn’t a stepping stone of anything :confused:

A lot, and sometimes it went badly (F2P mostly which is not the case here, but also Evolve, which I think we’re still pretty far off), sometimes it went actually okay (Grim Dawn which have now 2 cosmetics-only DLC, Deep Rock Galactic, which have 1).

Separating the maps and modes from dlc is a good solution player wise, as it won’t divide the playerbase more than necessary as dlc will only come increasing. So it’s kinda the only viable solution I can see in the long term (because yeah, they still need to earn money). Feel free to propose others ideas if you see some.

I would dare to say that some of the new stuff can still find their ways as dlc (new careers, new golden magister character that is not a vampire that will totally happens despite what they said at the AMA, new weapons) as it doesn’t really divide the playerbase but maps and modes being mostly free is a good news for us, players.


Even if these are old map, they were well liked. Ofc I would love new one, but this are still good designed maps than I would love to play in again, even after 1000 hours in v1.
And this is not exactly drag and drop. And work deserve money… I don’t know what are you doing for a living but I doubt you drop money because you are doing something remotely similar to the day before.

And I prefer them to be only purchasable that to a new useless grind. There is way to much grind in this game already, while it has never been what made it enjoyable.


Just because they didn’t do anything in the first game doesn’t mean they won’t attempt it in the second.
And given the current track record of Fatshark and the fact that Tencent has a finger in the Fatshark pie I’d much rather act the pessimist when it comes to micro transactions. Especially when it comes to micro transactions.

Yeah, obviously it goes bad most of the time. Micro transactions are synonymous with greedy business practices and withholding content and in general is shunned upon.
Let me clarify, If the paid skins for Vermintide 2 are also available within the game by playing the game or completing challenge X then I have no problem at all with them also selling it as I see it only as a shortcut.
And quite frankly that example for Deep Rock Galactic is just wrong since it’s clearly stated on Steam:

Important note: By buying this DLC you are first and foremost showing your support for the game and for us, the developers. The bling-bling in the list above is really just icing on the cake!

I bought that pack because I see great potential in the devs behind DRG and I want them to continue on their winning streak. The items and sweets are a non issue for me. And given the latest update they made the feedback is nothing less than overwhelmingly positive.

And I don’t mind any of that. If they make great content dlc or expansions ofc they deserve money for it. But withholding cosmetics behind a paywall is just wrong. And quite frankly given Fatsharks current track record it is within their own interests to release free stuff.


The opposite is also true, but since they NEVER did that, it’s probably NOT going to happen.

Given the current track record, they didn’t do anything in the first game. So their current track record is actually clean.

Tencent have a finger, but they keep all their decision internal. Tencent don’t own Fatshark and that was made clear in the interview.
"Tencent is known for investing in market leading top rated companies. With the investment, Fatshark is in a strong position to continue to grow while staying independent. "

No, the paid skins will only be new sold dlc (at least, for now). Note that there will still be a lot more of skins earnable in game.

Then consider the bling bling given by this dlc, just icing on the cake of supporting Fatshark. In both dlc, it’s exclusive cosmetics that you don’t find in game, and both are supporting the developper.

It’s actually the exact same.

Except that DRG DLC is recolor only.

Bogenhafen dlc is already behind a paywall, and contains new cosmetics for every character. It’s not that different. Really. It’s a dlc, that contains cosmetics, and it comes to support new actual content for thoses that don’t want to buy it.


Look, all I’m saying is that the moment a game dev. starts to put MTX into their game it’s a red flag that needs to be raised and discussed. Because it almost always leads to future complications.

Yeah that’s not what I meant. I meant their current track record of crashing their game and community into the gutter. It is within their own interests of self preservation to not fail with whatever they do next. Micro transactions is not a great first step.

A typical corporate answer to divert your mind.
They say the same thing about the Epic store that Tencent has “no influence” over them. They only own 48% of the company. Do you honestly believe their bog standard corporate answer and that they have no influence? Then you are unbearably naive regarding that issue. Always assume the worst when it comes to big corporate players. Who gains something?.

Really sad to hear that. And the other skins in the game. I assume you mean the dozen recolors? It’s without question going to be recolors…

This is where you’re wrong. The purpose of the supporter pack for DRG is clearly stated “to support us”.
The bling is a non factor. They could remove all the bling and I would have still bought the pack since it’s purpose is to support the devs. I don’t care about the bling in that case since that’s not what I paid for.
The purpose of making paywalled skins for Vermintide 2 is to make money. And yes I know money is support.
But if they where to remove the skins from any future skin DLCs nobody would buy it now would they? Since you are buying the skins DLC to receive something in return. Anyway, Here’s how to solve it:

  1. Put the paid skins in the game available through conquest of any kind.
  2. Give people the option that if they wish to support the devs you can buy the skins and that way you help the devs financially.
    That way those that simply want to play and gain gets happy and those that wish to support are happy.

I see no reason as to why this would be a bad idea. Most people would definitely welcome it. Either play or pay. Most people would be happy with either option if both options are available for them.
Options are important.

So, Bögenhafen is an entire DLC containing:

  • Two new levels set in Bögenhafen
  • New cosmetics including hats, skins, and illusions, to be obtained through the New Bögenhafen Strongboxes
  • New quests and challenges rewarding you with Bögenhafen Strongboxes and portrait frames

You’re telling me that’s the same as Fatshark putting up single skin DLCs?
I’d say that’s abit more than just one skin behind a paywall. So yes it’s very different from putting up single skin DLCs.


So according to you it is completely OK as long as they state “it’s just to support us”?

Sorry what? If anything that is just a way to guilt-trip people into buying something that isn’t actually worth buying.

Making meaningless statement of “support” does not change that they are trying to sell it. If you believe such statements you are unbearably naive.


Don’t get me wrong, these levels were pretty awesome. But why the F are you wasting your resources on making reworks of old levels! What kind of priorty is this?! Stop this and put these guys to work on NEW levels, something that people have been asking for a long time! If I want to play the old levels I can do that in V1. Even if these maps are free it’s a pathetic atempt to make the player base less angry, and it won’t work. Also, MSX in your game? Well, that’s the drop. My confidence that you will fix the issues you have created is over. Let’s not focus our resources to fix all the issues our update created, let’s put developers to create MSX to the game instead. If you think your score on Steam won’t get lower, brace your self because your steep slope will turn into a free fall.

I just have one question, why do you keep ignoring the critisism you got from the player base? Also, do you even have a project manager at Fatshark? If not, you should hire one.

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Let me answer you - because it’s faster and cheaper :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s a typical attempt to save face (after WoM failure) along the line of lowest resistance :slight_smile: I think many will take it.


Not faster, they just can skip the design now and go to implementation with them, I suppose.

Well, yes. If Fatshark where to put said skins in the game so they are available to anyone for free via conquest or something similar and at the same time put them up for sale as support it would be exactly that. I would welcome that gladly.

You mean for example just like any content creator has a patreon account? They would make the content anyway, regardless of support or not. But they have that option open for anyone that wish to support them. The purpose is to create content not selling it. Earning from it is a nice bonus.

Ofc it doesn’t. What defines it is the purpose. The reason behind why you sell it. Is it to improve something or to satisfy greedy shareholders or maybe some other reason? Obviously all sales have profit in mind. Otherwise it would be just strange.
All I’m saying is that there’s no reason to lock away paid skins behind a paywall. There will be people who would want the skins I assure you. And the only way of getting them would be to open your wallet. That is demoralizing.
And did you just pull the old switcheroo? Ouch, my soul… Critical hit!

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So it is faster :wink: just because they can skip concept and design part. Now, like you said, they may go to adjust and implementation part. Simple

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Yeah, but after BtU there was a dev blog that said that it’s not really worth to remake old levels because it almost takes as long as to make new ones. So they must be really desperate to go back to this instead of making new ones.


…or they found a way that it would not be so difficult. Well … it all depends on the skill an willingness :wink:
But yeah, they must be really desperate. Generally, I have the impression that people who previously designed maps no longer work in FS or just left their creative vein.

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They also said they will be bringing old maps as well as new maps because some people (myself included) do actually like to revisit old maps or they didn’t like Vermintide 1 as much.

Ok ,then it’ll be about time for new maps instead of old ones.

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Dark Omens was a new one =p