Vermintide 2 - Patch 2.0.10


Welcome to patch 2.0.10. This patch has some bug fixes, tweaks improving the tracking for trueflight-type projectiles, and some sound tweaks.

In case you missed it, be sure to check out our blog post on Season 2, and whilst your at it have a look at the AMA we hosted over on reddit late last week where we answered a bunch of the communities burning questions about Season 2 - and Vermintide 2 in general.

Patch 2.0.10

  • Fixed an issue were the application window might end up on wrong monitor due to negative desktop coordinates when running borderless or windowed mode.
  • Fixed an issue where having the Talent “High Tally” as Bardin Slayer wouldn’t increase the damage done by Throwing Axes for consecutive hits.
  • Fixed a spot on Athel Yenlui where players could get stuck.
  • Fixed second heavy attack for Kerillian’s Sword and Dagger doing less damage when under the effect of Infiltrate than without Infiltrate.
  • Fixed an issue where bots blocked attacks longer than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where players got block broken twice when block was broken by a Bestigor charge.
  • Fixed so that the killing the minotaur under the oak tree for the appropriate challenge works in the Weaves versions of Against the Grain.
  • Improved tracking for trueflight projectiles:
    • No longer overshoots targets on high speeds
    • Selects a new target if projectile misses the original target
    • Fixed target acquisition and seek being off by a frame now new target is selected immediately instead of a frame after one move update.
  • Sound tweaks:
    • Less priority further away for horde enemies.
    • Volume tweaks to horde enemy footsteps, they are now higher than before.
    • Added short boss stingers whilst in Weaves.
    • Tweaked emitter sounds within Weaves. Lower priority for world sounds, higher priority for gameplay sounds.
  • Added client predicted damage for ranged attacks so multi projectile attacks (like Kerillian’s Trueflight) would be as effective on clients as it is on the server.
  • Fixed projectiles that bounce sometimes ignoring hit mass.
  • Bounty Hunter Locked and Loaded single projectile had its spread reduced when standing still, this also affects Double-shotted.

Can you explain this one?

I think he is referring to Kerillians Ricochet Talent. It was possible to penetrate endless enemies with a single swift bow arrow if it ricochet before hitting an enemy

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Sounds like a feature if anything. It’s not exactly easy in most situations to “aim” with ricochet, since so many areas lack flat, angular level geometry.

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Oh boy, I hope not. If I remember correctly, ricochet having unlimited penetration was part of its design. Otherwise, not much use for it…

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Still no Dodge Tweaking

You don’t even play the game post 2.0. You are a console player. Please stop trolling.

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And that takes away his right to have an opinion on that topic?

Sigmar himself was a PC player, so yes!


Yeah it does, considering he has never even played the game post 2.0. Did you even read my post at all?

He is a console player and has been repeatedly trolling both these forums and the Vermintide subreddit with posts about dodge and how it needs to be fixed despite the fact that he has literally no first hand experience himself.

So yeah, that does in fact make his “opinion” invalid.


When can we expect significant fixes to issues that have a large impact on gameplay?
Like targeting, clipping and hyperdensity?
We still get face spawning patrols, bosses AND single enemies, teleporting / vanishing-reapperaring from slaverat to CW.
When will the bomb damage be adjusted to the new HP values?
Bosses are back to doing insta-180 degree attacks. They change targets multiple times withing short time periods. The minotaur 180°-turn+headbutt attack comes out faster than the boss-target-change sound plays.
There are probably a few more that don’t come to mind right now…


Meh… another patch with minor changes

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Then he can stick his shiny hammer where shine doesn’t shine.

You don’t need to have first hand experience to have a right to have an opinion on anything.


Well you can voice an opinion for sure.
But if your opinion is about something you don’t know nor have experienced, is it valid? Besides obvious situation, nobody should ever experience.

It is like seeing a fruit for the first time and say it is disgusting, without ever tasting it. Sure it is your right to have an opinion, should it be considered?..


If he’s asked to eat it? Yes.

And btw, both polls about dodge changes had more people disliking changes, so it’s not like his opinion is unique on this.

They nerfed something too strong in the game. If you want god mod, go modded.

While nerfing was needed, there is a fine line between nerfing too much and making high latency play actually work.
At this moment playing with a 100 ping (not to mention yellow or red) is more detrimental for the team, than for the individual player.

You should make a bug report about that, has not been done afaik. I didn’t know it was not adjusted like all other weapons.


I’m fully willing to have that discussion, but my point of contention was that you can’t invalidate someone’s opinion based on experience.

You can say his opinion is wrong, but you can’t say he doesn’t have a right to have it.

That’s not a bug, but an oversight.

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