Winds of Magic-cant play

Hello. I bought Winds of Magic 2 days ago, but i cant play because i see red title on WOM “You must end all campaign of Helmgart” but i have all done, all campaigns and all maps but still cant play in WOM. Anyone knows what is this?

As far as I remember the following applies:

Finish Dark omens to access weaves.

Finish all Lords on legend to access Cataclysm.

Play Dark omens, no pre-requirement.

Also, you have to finish all the lord maps after purchasing WoM. The game doesn’t care about the 7000 times you’ve done it in the past; do it again for the unlock.

Huh really?

I got it unlocked instantly though? O_O

I had already cleared all the maps on legend pre WOM*

That’s definitely how it worked at launch. Maybe they changed it because so many people complained about it?

Actually, wait. I think the issue was that the game didn’t track any lord kills from pre-2.0. So if you didn’t buy WoM right away, then you probably got credit for the lord kills after 2.0 and before buying WoM.

But i dont have Dark Omens, this is problem. I dont see this anywhere.

Okay, i have a visual play-by-play for you.

If you don’t see the Dark Omens map where it should be, you maybe have to check the game integrity via steam or just re-install the game, and be sure that WoM is installed.

If you can, send a screenshot of what you are seeing when selecting a custom game.

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