Friend completed Dark Omens with us, even claimed the new billhook - still cannot play weaves "does not meet requirement" he has bought WoM

As title says, he completed the map with us and has claimed the billhook but still cannot enter weaves.
We ran through it once again on recruit and it did still not unlock for him, he was not host either of times and he does not have any other dlc other than winds of magic.

Turns out he has not completed helmgart yet so we will do that and see if it unlocks, if that is the case, maybe add “you must complete helmgart and ill omens to unlock this area”?

To play Dark Omen, you need to finish Helmgart. To access Weaves you need to beat Dark Omen. Sounds like the onboarding was interrupted by inviting your friend to play Dark Omen directly.

I’ll pass this to the team, thanks :slight_smile:

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