Can’t speak to Olesya to unlock weave amulet after completing Weave 1

I’m having an issue where I’ve unlocked weaves, completed weave 1, and the game is prompting me to speak with Olesya, but it won’t allow me. It seems what’s happening is the same as this topic:

If it is indeed so, I may need help on the game-side to fix this issue.

It is weird, but you may need to re-run the Dark Omens map. We’re not sure how this happens.

Hi Julia,

I’ve completed Dark Omens probably five times with multiple characters to no avail. Still won’t let me speak to Olesya.

If I recall correctly, something happened because somebody else ran Dark Omens for me when I hadn’t unlocked it already, and then we disconnected after beating it. Essentially, we got disconnected when the Weave intro cutscene plays, but I didn’t have Dark Omens unlocked at that time.

Right! Could you send me the URL to your Steam profile, please? :slight_smile:

Hi Julia,

Sure thing! It is:

Please let me know if anything else is needed!

Should now be solved the next time you log in!

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Hi Julia,

I just checked and everything looks good now! Thank you very much for your help!

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