Cataclysm unlock bugged

So I logged on for the first time since the release of winds, I refunded the DLC originally but decided to buy it again since it was on sale.
It says I still have to defeat all the lords on legend, and yet I checked my achievements and every lord has been defeated on legend.

Now as far as I’m aware this only includes the 4 bosses from Helmgart, if I’ve somehow missed one please let me know how. If not, then would like a fix ASAP

You have to do it again for all 4 bosses to proof you are legend worthy.
Was one of the Def statements after release…
If you can’t manage to kill this 4 on legend why even bother with cata (was the sub message)

Ah ok, I can do that easy enough just thought it was a bug

Yep, once you’ve upgraded to WoM there is a pre-requisite of killing the lords again on Legend to unlock Cataclysm. A lot had changed (I guess you could argue a lot has since been dialled back as well, so maybe it’s less of a requirement these days) so we wanted players to re-prove themselves on Legend to unlock the next difficulty.

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but what if we completed all lord maps on legend post 2.0 patch? why isnt the requirement retroactive like the other challenges?

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