Winds of Magic™ 2.0 beta testing again?

Hello there,

We were chilling in cata Citadel of Eternity’s second to last map and we got WoM Beta™ beastmen aka never-ending beastmen upon never-ending beastmen when the first proper horde appeared.

Here’s the logs from ALL OF US (video coming soon™): (1.5 MB) (1.8 MB) (674.4 KB) console-2021-04-23-21.29.57-4b95632b-f4ad-4d73-aa0a-ef145de96ea7.log (1.9 MB)


Do u mean that enemies didn’t stop spawning ? I’ve had that happen like twice so far. Enemies just kept spawning horde after horde after horde, at some point we just got overrun cuz we couldnt keep up clearing everything and there was so many of them we couldnt move. I just thought its intentional, maybe some kind of modifier. Was too crazy imo.

Yes, I do mean that hordes didn’t stop spawning. They just kept coming and they kept coming and they kept coming and they kept coming.

So about 5 minutes we decided to push ahead.

We were pushing for about 10 minutes until a Chaos Spawn decided to spawn into the fray, we (I think) were almost at the end stretches of the map. Naturally the CS gave us some trouble as endless meat from both sides were just coming.

Also the modifier was just Khorne Flakes explosion totems (have to recheck later from the vid)

Any chance you remember which map it was? The Forbidden Trail (forest map) has endless hordes in its final event until you escape.

It occurs on one of the maps where the keri talks about magic smog at the start too.

The map in question seems located on a mountain with ruins scattered about and if i recall there is a ritual circle you disrupt but its not the one on the snowy mountain.

A few maps it says at top of screen ‘your enemies are endless, escape!’ ,could this have been it?

Video would be super helpful!

The map was the first Citadel of Eternity as in THE Citadel.

There was no “Enemies are endless, escape” situation.
Found the modifiers:


It would appear that as if “+ Hordes!” are on supercharged meth. Video coming soon™

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Even if its caused by modifier IMO it’s way too high. U don’t have a second to breathe, no time to buy upgrades or anything cuz game basicly punish you for staying in one place and fighting, if u dont push all the time u will get overrun eventually cuz u can’t cut trough so many enemies. Especially when it happens at the start of expedition where youre not that powerful.

Even ‘Send in the Next Wave’ on cata is super mild compared to this thing

I though the endless hordes were part of the modifier

Constant pressure with no breathing room seems counterintuitive, even Onslaught in modded isn’t that brutal (maybe Spicy is) as you have 3 wave horde and you get to push forward until next horde comes.

We had horde noises coming even though there were a big chunk of the previous horde still up wanting to wipe us.

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Even if it is, its way too crazy atm especially for mode like this. U need breathing room for exploring the map so u can find drops and upgrade shrines. U can’t be spammed with endless hordes like that because it pressures you to speedrun the map without finding upgrades. And when it happens early expedition u cant even clear it fast enough cuz youre underpowered for what happens in that endless hordes.

Sauron would trade his Uruks for these beastmen - YouTube here you go, ignore my dumb editing skills

Cheers. I can’t confirm if it’s fully intentional - but I shall enquire with the ruinous powers in the office who clearly wanted your party dead!


That looks great fun haha

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