Windows freeze after clicking play in the launcher

Hi there.

I recently bought Vermintide 2 on Steam. After installing from Steam I clicked on the game and it brought up the launcher. I adjusted settings and ran the benchmark.

The benchmark seemed to work fine and went through the demo without issue.
I then selected official servers and clicked play.

After this the game brought up the splash screen with the Vermintide 2 logo on my desktop.
When I move the mouse over the splash screen without clicking, it seems to freeze windows completely. I cannot ctrl+alt+delete and I cannot access any programs in windows. My mouse freezes and it seems as though all keyboard inputs are frozen. The screen does not change.

I have left this on for upwards of 30 minutes but the splash screen does not go away and windows does not recover forcing me to restart the machine by holding the power button.

I’ve attempted this several times. I’ve exited all other programs I can on my desktop and ended processes for my anti virus and other programs to make sure nothing is interfering with the game but nothing seems to work.

Since the benchmark demo is working fine and without issue I think this might be an issue with the anti cheat. I have tried reinstalling it in the Vermintide 2 directory and verfying my game files through steam but I am still having this problem.

I did a search on google but couldn’t find anyone having this issue.

Hope you can help. Thanks.

Just some further information.

My OS is Windows 7.
I’m using Vermintide 2 on Steam.
The crash dump from the appdata directory says the fault is in vermintide2_dx12.exe.

PROCESS_NAME: vermintide2_dx12.exe

I’ve uploaded the crash dump here

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