Wild Speculation - Nurglifying something

So, what are they Nurglifying?

From the tweet it’s obviously art, making a level - but which one? What do we know?

From a stream making maps takes “nine months” so they’re either making something new for nine months time (boo!) or finishing the Drakenfels maps (yay!) with something Nurgly. So which map is being Nurglified? The dungeons? The interior of the Castle itself? From what we know of the Summoners Peak/Old Haunts map the original from VT1 is only a small slice of the whole thing - so is there an entire new area of nurgle filth?

@FatsharkJulia @Fatshark_Hedge Please hit us with a screenshot to fuel the rumour engine!

[also tweeted at 1.10 am… Go to bed FS employees!]


Well, that uh… that place you drop down into after the finale event in Old Haunts is super nurgly. SUPER nurgly. Could be that?


Sigmar Damn you @KaelusVonSestiaf - Don’t be coming here with sensible comments! I want the castle bit (where you had to gather the three statues in VT1) to be a nurgle mosh-pit of snot with a plague-bearer to fight.


Ye it could be that the S2 release is just around the corner and they are teasing it.
I am quite sure however, that we have not seen the last of “nurgle stuff” and it will spread into other Drachen maps as well.

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Aye, I agree! Specially since this… Captive Daemon fella could very well be a Daemon of Nurgle!

Boy, if we get a cool bossfight at the end of Drachenfels I’d be so happy.


Why the hell did nobody call the Witch Hunters yet?!