Why the change in veteren loot rewards? why is it now equal to champion loot?

Totally lame that the people who play the game for their druggy-like “loot-fix” got it so that veteren now drops the same level gear as champion. What happened to people playing games for the fun/challenge? Change it back imo lolo

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Nearly the same gear. You can now stay on Veteran and max out your item level, yes. But you won’t be dropping Reds.

I’m pretty sure the goal is let people that aren’t up to the task of moving to Champion with item level 200 stay on Veteran instead. If you want to look at this from a selfish “challenge player” point of view, this means fewer unskilled players popping in your Champion QuickPlay matches. Rejoice!


You know whats lame?

Thats Lame. You complaining about this stupid things.

If you play for having fun, then why the hell would you care if people get better loot. Do you feel special? You think you are better than most population? You like that feeling? Cause most people gives a ***** about that. Like if fun and challenge means the same thing.

Another one that thinks that most people has to play the way he plays the game.


This stupid things eh? LOL

Wow someone’s triggered. Yeah I do feel special actually – I’m unique in my own right. You’re special too, regardless if you’re disabled or not. Everyone is special in my eyes because were all human. Challenge is fun actually. If you want we can go into dopamine reward systems and how normal people derive pleasure from completion of challenges, tasks, basic human interactions, work, beauty in nature… the list could go on.

I just find it annoying how people tend to act like druggies needing their next fix with loot and how they try to change the game because THEY WANT IT RIGHT NOW… RIGHT THIS SECOND… Its sad man. I’m just voicing concerns to change it back because I don’t think fat shark should support such unhealthy behaviors, like pouting and reporting good posts :slight_smile:

Yes, the stupid things. You are none to tell how people has to play the game as you shows you dont know why people play the game.

And people getting items in Veteran to 300 doesnt affect you. So why you bother. Its not your problem.

As you say we are all humans. Then you know there are diferent skill lvls. And whats hard for some its easy for others.

If you have fun with the game you cant get annoyed because people feels rewarded. Is non sense.


I can’t understand you.

IDK, I think this change is good, more of those people can go grind veteran for their easy loot and leave champ/legend to people that actually want the challenge.


true @flinlock I hadnt thought of it that way.

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Well i can understand why people don’t like this change.
When i play champion i get max one tome through the level (i play with bots and im not good enough to make the level with a grim^^).
When i finish the level, the loot i get is mostly quite bad.
If i would play the mission on veteran i could easely finish the mission with 2 tomes and one grim. My loot would be much bether. And i would defenitely finish more level on veteran in the time i would finish these level on champion.

Of course playing on champion is still much more fun than playing on veteran. But my progression is definitely MUCH slower.
Champion would just feel even more rewarding if the loot would be more rewarding :smiley:
But to be honest thats not even a real problem for me.
The bigger problem is that it will be quite hard to convince my friends to play on champion :smiley:

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yeah exactly, debito knows whats up

games too easy now

Progression is slower? Fam they INCREASED the quality of drops

He says he doesn’t care about drops
Fatshark increases drops
He’s angry

Do you actively dislike getting items or what?

Well you understood me a bit wrong :smiley:
Not my general progression is slower.
But if i finish missions on champion, my progression is slower than if i finish them on Veteran.
Because i finish level on Veteran faster, with more books and a higher succes rate.

Its just a bit odd to get faster got equipment on a lower difficulty.
But like i said:

While lvling all my characters up to 30 and being only an average skill player who does play alot, I did find it annoying to only get up to lvl 200 loot in veteran while my gear was already 600. This is a great change a little too late for me, but I’m happy that lvling up gear is made easier.

The problem that I had was that until I reached lvl 20 on a character I didn’t feel that I was really contributing to the success of a champions run, but was fine in veteran. The one issue I have, is now when I see a sub lvl 20 character in my champs runs not contributing I feel a little upset them, because they should be running veteran if they can’t contribute to winning in champion.

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