Why does this stun lock the entire team, and why is it spammable?

This is very frustrating:

Please fix the Vote Kick system in your next hot fix / patch update.

  • It stun locks the entire team
  • It obscures your vision
  • It’s spammable
  • It doesn’t say who is initializing the Vote Kick
  • It’s extremely easy to grief your team
  • It has been like this since launch :expressionless:

Yep, had a guy spamming vote kick cause us a Damnation mission today. It was near the end too.


All valid points, except this:

Assuming the stun, obscured vision and spamability were removed (as they should), why would it matter who started the vote?
Do you want to know, so you can start a vote to kick them next? :smiley:

Yeah, this is unacceptable. Fatshark. I see more and more trolls everyday spamming this all the time ruining games.

I know one troll who does this all the time in every game: TopiTaikuri. Just block his ass as soon you see him.

May i ask what region you are from?
I have never seen anyone spam it.
One time, someone started a vote like 3 times, but that was it.

Also, better remove that name from your post. “naming and shaming” is forbidden and might get your post removed.

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Northern Europe. And Fatshark can remove my post themself. And ban that player.

If they’re griefing the team (like in my video) and maybe also causing a wipe, yes.

I was able to figure out who it was since I record pretty much all my gameplay. Also, the person that they were trying to kick wasn’t even loaded into the game yet. I asked in voice what they were doing and instead of answering, they just left. And the rest of us continued the mission normally.

Do you think that anyone is gonna get banned, based on a single person accusing them of something?


Then you would not need to see who started the vote?

Your way of talking to people is laughably passive aggressive. If they fix it, the name is irrelevant. There you go, person.

How is that?
At this point, out of the four people who have posted in this thread, two have made passive aggressive remarks, and i am not one of them.

I asked you two questions:

You skipped the first one and answered the second one.
So i asked the first one again.

I think it is pretty reasonable to do that.
You are asking for changes to the votekick function, which would likely all be made at once, since they are all supposed to tackle the same issue.
However, one of your suggested changes (seeing who started the kick) would be pointless, if the other changes were made.
So it is quite reasonable to ask what i asked.

Me too, but it doesn’t matter cause cherrypicking. Such system is abusable obviously and OP is right.

Then you would not need to see who started the vote?

Because it can be “that guy” who was toxic/acting like a troll/just deadweight, but on a tolerable “eh whatever let him be” level. But now he is trying to kick someone else and yeah it’s better to know it is he who started a votekick.


Not OP but I would want to know who wants me removed from their game so I could proceed to not play with them anymore if it’s for BS reasons or griefing.


This is not why i asked.
I asked because i have repeatedly seen people complain about toxic people in many of their matches (for example in the “scoreboard” thread).
Now people complain about others constantly spamming votekicks.
I have never seen any of that across a few hundred hours of playtime, so it is reasonable to ask in what region the play, since it is quite likely that they do one of thes two things:

  • play in a different region with different people
  • are massively exaggerating

Yes. I voiced my agreement with that in my first post.

Eh… i guess you can make that argument.

But that is not how it works.
You do not get to vote on yourself being kicked, so unless someone else tells you about the vote happening in the first place, you would not know.

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I know. I was just using myself as an example. I could have worded it better. My point is that I want to know who is spamming kick votes so that I can gauge whether they’re full of crap or not. It’s all situational. Whether I’m host or not. Whether I’m the target or not. And besides that if it freezes the whole team that’s still going to be an issue and it just feels weird playing with people who want eachother gone or something like that.

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And i said in my first post (asked again in an other post and then explained my reasoning for this question in a third post) that i was assuming a situation, where the votekick can not be spammed anymore.

Kind of irrelevant to the topic of the post on why I think that. It is what it is.

I didn’t skip the first question btw, I just misinterpreted it. I answered your question in the following post. And the bullet points from my original post were not suggestions, they are currently what’s wrong (imo) with the vote kick system, as it is now, live in the game.

So, if they fix the issues, the name is likely irrelevant. Person tries to kick someone, it fails, ok we move on. Not spammable. Awesome. On a reasonable cooldown if initiated from the same person? Ok that’s fine.


Since your initial ask was to please fix the system, followed by these bullet points, i just assumed that all these things were something that you want to see changed.
That is why i asked if you would still want the name of the vote initiator, if the other problems were fixed.

Misunderstanding resolved i guess. :smiley:

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The kickee doesn’t see it, AFAIK.

I would want to know to decide if the initiator is the pain in the ass.

As a rule I don’t vote for kicking, the only exception that I can think of being a very high level of toxicity. My friends are similar so I would probably support the kick if one of them suggested it.

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I’m sure they can come up with better ways to fix it than I can =P

Your questions while valid were kinda strawmanny since that wasn’t the point of the thread. But I understand that we weren’t answering your main question WHY a name was needed of all the issues were fixed. I kind of stated why in my last post. But to reiterate, I wouldn’t want to play with groups that want to remove eachother. I would start fresh with new group afterwards.

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