Why can I have 3 health trinkets?

I don’t understand why I can have 3 stacking health trinkets. It trivializes using any other stats for trinkets. Why would I want toughness or any other stat when I can get 60 percent more health?

Different classes have different base stats and different trinkets will wind up their best in slots.

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…Why would you not be stacking more toughness? It doesn’t get affected by curse and keeps you safe from damage.


You might also want a +wound curio instead. +Wound doesn’t boost your health (standing in the Meatgrinder right now and swapping curios out; I’ve got 150 health whether I’ve got three wounds or five), but each wound you have gives you another down before you die, and also indirectly boosts your resistance to corruption.


I found out the hard way that grimoire corruption affects a % amount of HP, not number of wounds.


I think grims actually take away a static amounf of health, not a %. Based on my little experiment with ogryn and HP trinkets.

Zealot doesnt like percentage toughness boosts for instance, cos they are 100 tou 200 hp.

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Except Zealot really likes toughness boosts since their charge lets them regen 50% of their toughness which scales with total not base. Additionally, toughness lets you not get staggered as much by basic ranged attacks which means you have a significantly easier time tanking hits on your way to melee.

Toughness seems worthwhile on the vet since they get an increased base amount.

Damage still goes through toughness. Unfortunately the tutorial deceived us all, lol.