Does the Health increase as the Hero Power increases?

It’s like that ?

No, the health doesn’t increase with Hero Power, it remains the same. Although you can increase it with necklace property (+20 HP).

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So I start with same amount of health from start to finish ?

Yes the only way to increase HP is trough necklace and some talents.

But as The Hero Power Increases the damage also increases ? right?

Hero power increases the damage you do, the amount of enemies you can hit (cleave) and the stagger you inflict.

No, HP remains the same. Some classes have more than others. Most ranged classes have around 100 base HP, with tanks and certain classes having more. The main thing you need is curse resistance on your trinket. Get that ASAP. Nothing else will effect you as much as that when you start collecting grims.

I know about that dude, thx

Except for Zealot.

What? Why wouldn’t you have Curse Resistance on Zealot O_o lol

Because you don’t need it and you do more damage without it.

That’s one of the reasons he’s op now, his dmg bonus is no longer counting temp hp so once you drop your real health down you are free to life on temp hp with 30% bonus dmg.

Well to be fair, the mechanism works better as it is. It’s more logic this way. But you have to tone down damage a bit.

Yea… but… With Curse Resistance, you have more HP. Just drop to 30HP and then stack temp HP. Temp HP also scales with curse resistance as well you know? Not taking Curse Resistance seems pretty stupid.

I know back in the day, I rolled a 18.3% curse trinket I think. That way I’d always be at 3 stacks with 2 grims. But there’s no reason not to take full curse resistance now, unless I’m missing something.

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That’s not “stupid” as you could replace it with a more useful property, like all others, since the zealot doesn’t care about having “a lot of life” (temp or not) to begin with. That way, when you’re healed (like when your passive is down), you still have more stacks. And having cooldown reduction instead for example, allow you to regen your bunch of temp life faster.

Eh, I forgo curse resist on IB and Zealot because I dont feel I need it with their high health pool and damage reduction.
Rather populate that trinket slot with something else.
For vanilla Legend I dont always run it on careers like Slayer, Shade, WS.
Makes me actually have to pay some attention to avoiding damage.

I’m sorry, but that’s just wrong. You might be able to get away with it on normal QP legend because of how overpowered Zealot is. But once you start doing double HP, double damage, and replace all mobs with elites, you will want that extra HP. Same goes for the modded relm increased difficulty.

At the end of the day, the cooldown reduction knocks a few seconds off your ULT, that’s it. Which you can easily just get from hitting things, or taking damage, which you can do with Curse resistance because you have so much more HP. At the end of the day, if you’re not playing Zealot with 6 damage stacks, Green HP around 30, and stacking his Temp HP as full as it can go, you’re playing the class wrong. Damage wise, DPS wise, Tank wise. That’s just a fact.

Sry but you really need to try it yourself then, this just seems really uneducated from your part. This has literally been the meta since the temp hp interaction changes with zealot and i know plenty of zealots who can easily do these deeds while racking some insane damage numbers in the process. (20k-30k area which makes these runs 10 times easier)

Also you are completely ignoring that with flagellant you can still pretty much eat and overhead from stormvermin even in double damage and survive it which is more than most other careers can do.
So the question becomes why would you not want to have more permanent power stacks + whatever you have from talents + increased stats from trinket ? it really is pretty no brainer choice.

You need to try it…

2 Grims + Curse of the Rat = around 6-20HP depending on the character. Don’t remember the exact amount for Zealot. Classes like WS and so on have 6hp, tanks have around 20 I think.

Either way, you’re trading 32% more health with 6 stacks, no damage difference with either build, except your cooldown is 6 seconds faster on the ULT. WOW, much improvement…

You don’t, you always have 6 stacks, there is no difference in damage stacks. You just have a lot less HP than me for 6 seconds off your ULT. “It’s really is pretty no brainer choice”

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