Increase IB and Unchained level 1 HP talents from 20% to 25% to match Foot Knight

Health bonuses are multiplicative, so 20% from a necklace plus 20% from a talent comes out to 216hp. Foot Knight gets 25% from his HP talent which gives him 9 more HP for a total of 225. I think you should increase the health gain on the IB and Unchained talents very slightly to match so that all three classes can get 225.

The effect on balance would be minimal as 9hp is basically 1 damage tick from standing in a fire. But I think it looks nicer and more readable if HP is displayed as a multiple of 5. This also matches the “neatness” of other health totals achievable by other classes. Zealot has 150hp like the other tanking classes, but does not have an HP talent so the most he can get is a nice even 180hp using a necklace. Classes with 125hp can use a necklace for 150hp and 100hp becomes 120hp.

I guess it’s not a huge deal but it just makes sense to me.

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Pretty much :man_shrugging:

9 hp wouldn’t change anything really, true FK gets slightly more health, but IB has the gromril armor ability, and Sienna has 50 DR. So all in all poor Krubs is still cu*ked when compered to them.

I see it as a consolation gift :package:

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Well it affects balance even less when you consider that double grims will make the 9hp just 3-5hp in the end. I consider it a cosmetic tweak just to get all 3 tanking classes onto the same page. Zealot is the odd man out since he doesn’t have an HP talent, but that would make him OP because his abilities scale to health lost.

I don’t think FK is that far behind. His charge can stun all bosses and lords, potentially chain stunning or punting them off a cliff if you have the potion for it. And he has access to a 100% BR reduction talent for his charge which might as well be 100% DR for 10 seconds just like Gromril/IB ult. The party wide DR aura is nice too.


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