Why can I have 3 stacking health trinkets?

Like… it’s cool, but it totally trivializes using any other stat on a trinket. Why use anything other than getting 60%+ more health? It is such a huge bonus over just getting some toughness or any other stat. 1 more wound? or 20% or more health with a single trinket that can be stacked?

This really depends on your character. For an Ogryn that +1 wound may not be as tempting as they already start with 4, but for the others, that gives them more hp still if they get downed or if picking up grims.

Toughness is also nice if you think about it as ‘recharging health’ or a shield, while not as directly, numbers wise, substantial as raw HP, you tend to loose/gain alot more toughness over the course of a mission than HP.

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Why would I want health over toughness on a zealot? Toughness recharges insanely quickly.

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Toughness I have annoyingly enough found to be the most useless one of all things to buff up when durability is concerned as a single burst of flame is enough to instantly break it nonetheless, or a second of fire from a Gunner across the map you didn’t spot on time, and even then, you still take damage from any and all attacks coming your way anyway even if slightly reduced.

Now this obviously would be a totally different beast IF they made the Toughness work like they say in the tutorial, aka, it goes first and then your health starts to drop instead of acting as armour that only reduces the amount of damage you take by certain amount.

Except attacks bleed through toughness. Zealot takes more DAMAGE per hit than the vet. Zealot does not even have 4 traits that work. Most of the traits were nerfed to the ground giving 3 bad choices instead of 3 situational. the main ability is not working correctly. Your comment shows you have never played the Preacher in 4+. We want the game to succeed not fail and making posts like yours only hurts the game and community.

Because +60% more health on my Psyker is ultimately useless compared to Wounds. Psykers aren’t meant to be tanking damage, and if they are, then odds are you’re going to suffer for it.

It depends on the character and build you’re going for, long story short.

I’m on 4, not 5 yet, and I personally don’t feel health is the problem on Zealot.
If your health is constantly getting chipped at treat 4 you must be doing something wrong.

No one is perfect. When you get melee from a random mob and you lose all your toughness OR you take HP damage with FULL toughness is not a problem regardless of skill

Well, on Veteran for example 3x 20% toughness is actually whooping +120 toughness because he has base 200. That combined with his 50% toughness regen on Elite kill, 60% toughness back on using Ult (that’s 192 toughness back) and 75% toughness range damage reduction during ult make him pretty much armored turret.

So well, depends on class. +1 Wounds are nice but it’s like the better you play the less useful it is. I like to stack +1 Wounds on Ogryn and +HP as his toughness is already paper on Diff 4-5.