Why are these cosmetic challenges not only impossible, but also discourage the core fundamentals of this game?


Completely agree here. Some enemy types, such as the plague ogryn, just might not spawn for how many games in a row. I just reached level 15 and haven’t even fought one, just the nurgle guy.


I don’t dig it when it’s rewards I get from doing challenges in game, buying from cash store (cosmetics will be monetizen which I am fine with if quality is there) or spending in game currency as gold sinks, which is good tactic.

However at least they can make sure it doens’t glitch/clip like crazy or that kind of takes my enjoyment of unlocking them cosmetics since they look horrible like that.

Also “eventually” can mean anything so I would rather prefer sooner than later.

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This feels an incredibly ignorant and stupid response while at least gives some hope for change too at the same time. Challenges should be intrinsic to the core gameplay without seeking or artificially manufacturing situations to be achievable. Im down to do difficult stuff in this game for some nice cosmetics but that shouldnt undermine the core mission to mission gameplay and absolutely shouldnt ignore the solo market.

To anyone thinking “just get some friends LMAO” a lot of times its not even that many ppl cant but they dont wish to interact with ppl. There are plenty of researches about the solo player in games and which is why the market changed around appealing for both a lot of time. Also a shocking fact for some ppl solo players enjoy cooperative play with others like the Tide games are but they dont wish to engage in the social aspect of it. I dont see why in a game that has a core coop design that can please everyone suddenly demands to be social as well to get stuff u want and lets be honest everyone wants cosmetics especially if its the only ones in the game atm.

These rewards are like a dangling carrot in front of many player who will go out of their way to undermine the core gameplay for them to cheese s**t cuz either nearly impossible or they dont have the means to do otherwise. Matchmaking already shows this too and that points towards bad design which will persist post launch if there are some really cosmetics ppl will absolutely want. In VT2 i felt like the cosmetics i was working for were completely intrinsic to the core gameplay since most of them were about doing all missions on X difficulty or doing X amount of missions said difficulty. The difficulty option is already a fun challenge to get trough for most ppl and i dont see why we need to go out of our way to fight on those difficulties with our arms tied back.

I understand ppl who say they wanna represent that they done something. Id say give them the portraits or insignia next to your portrait that show “yes ive done this u pleb” cosmetics are a way too sought out commodity for it to be locked behind elite gamer skills since it will only promote toxic gameplay to achieve them by the casual players. Most ppl dont have the ability to achieve 100% accuracy in any game but if they really want the cosmetic then they will absolutely WILL find an exploit that potentially harms others as well (wasting their time, throwing matches until they get it ect)

These things definitly need to be addressed properly by the dev team and not regurgitate the “just get some friends dummy” answer we seen. I love the game and i wish to support it in the long haul cuz im having a f****ng blast with just the buggy beta already. If devs will push me to look like a broke bi**h cuz i dont have the “epic gamer skill” or friends to get drip that will just turn me away from the game which i dont want. There is a middle ground to be found here that gives both sides what they want but that require to be a bit more open minded.


What, you mean the people who are exploiting it or making groups specifically organized to do it rather than just playing together? Sorry but that’s not the kind of co-op i want to support. I want to support playing efficiently every time.

Could be that it’s too hard for you.

This is a huge indicator that you lack what is needed for the challenge.

Step one. Make friends.
Step two. Wait for the release so you have access to all tools. For example the full crafting system.
Step three. Go from there.

Don’t really know about other class but psyker. I extremely agree with this.

Like the shock staff, they can design like use it to stop or kill the charging mutate or the doggo x time on malice or above difficulty, or stop x wave of horde only using fire or shock staff. something that encourage people to wanna play more and get cool stuff.

All that’s required of us is to keep this thread bumped for them to eventually change their mind. This kind of this is just stupid and has no place in the game.

I dont know that it doesnt have a place in the game; but they definitely need to reevaluate what they want to encourage people to do. Especially if their big stance on a scoreboard is toxicity. Because this is actively making the game worse by making people play harder difficulties in stupid ways to get cosmetics. I feel like weapon charms should be for the ridiculous things. Not a massive cosmetic but something that showed you achieved a difficult task. I dont think full cosmetic sets should be locked behind these penances unless they’re reworked to be grindable or promote cooperation more.

I literally just loaded into Damnation without a full group because no one is going to be pugging T5’s so that I could just run it down and blow myself up on a squad of elites and hope for the best.

Spent several hours trying to get the chest piece for Psyker and I can only imagine having to deal with a team where I’m like: Okay guys, stop attacking these dangerous enemies that can probably 1-2 shot us so that I can overcharge (which can take a while) and THEN blow up on the enemies BEFORE they kill me and waste it.

Nevermind that it does a low, flat damage that’s less then a damn brain burst AND is proximity based, so if an enemy is like 1-2 feet away, you do 200 less damage to them and they survive.

So many of these challenges just force you to play in suboptimal or actively harmful ways that cause your team to have to carry you. LUCKILY I have a full team; but after like 10 failed attempts even THEY told me “Look, we’re not helping anymore. If you get it, you get it - but we want to win games.”


I second this.
Some challenges are working really well against the game(play) and teamwork!

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Amazing. 40€ game that releases in less than a week, people.

10 attempts haha

Basically grab your Surge staff, find a Damnation Endless Hordes mission, run to the first spawn, electrocute them, blow up, rinse and repeat
(edit - you need the Endless Horde modifier or there won’t be enough Elites clumped together)

Of course you have to hope the bots don’t ruin it, but it’s still more efficient than asking players to help because that time adds up and it’s not gonna help anyway

Surge staff is your best choice because
a/ It staggers enemies so you don’t die instantly while reaching overload
b/ It’s bugged so you will blow up by just reaching 100% instead of having to cross a certain threshold, which actually makes your life easier for this particular “challenge”

You also need to learn your thresholds as in how many time each elite needs to be electrocuted to die to blow up
For example, 2 times for Shotgunners, 3 times for Ragers, etc, check that in the Meat Grinder
And don’t start zapping immediately, put yourself around 30-40% peril before you charge in

Best maps :
Silo Cluster 18-66/a, first spawn
Magistrati Oubliette TM8-707, first spawn or just a couple feet away from there

If there’s a Bulwark just quit the mission instantly it’s ruined

If you load into someone else’s game, block them (temporarily)
Penances are so effed up there’s TONS of people doing exactly the same, mostly Psykers and Zealots, meaning they’ll be here for a while too and you don’t want to keep joining together
But just block everyone for all that matters so you can more consistently load with bots

And then turn your brain off because you will be reloading these missions for hours until you get lucky
10 attempts is nothing

Riveting gameplay

I’m waiting for a Penance who can only be achieved when winning a match at Heresy+ with the computer turned off and you are sleeping outside. /s

Seriously, many penances are not so far from that

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Fatshark is probably thinking this is not something you prepare and attempt to do in a game, but more like something you randomly pick up as you play the game for a significant amount of time.

So the steam stats on the basic outfit achievements:

Marked for death: 24.3%
Long Bomb: 8.6%

Buying Time: 9.3%
Abhor the Mutant: 7.8%

I’m in Charge: 13.7%
Something in your Eye 7.5%

Not Even Close: 16.3%
Cliffhanger: 0.6%

Cliffhanger is the rarest achievement out of the ones you need to get a head piece by far. It’s genuinely an unreasonably difficult achievement to get, because the opportunities to pull it off are rare, and even if one presents itself, the Psyker simply doesn’t have any effective knockbacks. Everything just staggers the enemy backwards a few feet.

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There are multiple reasons why cliffhanger is the least done.

1 - Its annoying to do and require certain maps to even have a chance to achieve so u can pray to stupid rotation that seem to cycle 2 maps for an entire day for whatever reason.

2 - If u look around for a sec there are higher tier chest pieces that are easier to get. U get one for reaching lvl 20 and u get one just for suicide bombing 3 specials (still stupid but at least doable)

3 - The push on the carrier ability is flimsy in the best cases so even if the stars align it just sucks ass to do.

4 - Just…why??? U never come across map designs that would lead u into situation to do this meaning u have to artificially create a stupid scenario and halt everyones game so u can do some dumb stuff.

Regardless though the penances need a major overhaul at least for the ones that gives cosmetic (talking about clothing) I dont mind better clothing rewarded for like doing X amount of missions on Heresy or Damnation since both can be really challenging on its own. Worked in VT2 i dont see a reason why it shouldnt here as well. Stupid stuff like this should just give like little bits and bobs like a portray/insignia/trinkets. I dont wanna take away from ppl showing off doing these things, but as major cosmetic rewards locked behind these are REALLY bad since anyone will go for it and grief ppl until they get it.

Further proof that this is indeed an issue. Toxicity in games for the penances.


what the?? how can this be though, they removed toxicity from the game i thought?


“We did it, Patrick! We fixed toxicitiy in our games!”


Fatshark did not even test their own game. They didn’t do it in VT1 didn’t do it in VT2. What makes you think they even played Darktide?