Class penances that undermine teamwork

Please Fatshark rework the class penances that gives cosmetic rewards!!!

Your core idea is to make a game about teamwork yet a lot of these class penances push players to either be useless or 50% usefull (or even less). Why do you have penances then that are so situational u actually have to go out of your way to create them (Cliffhanger) or ask your team to ignore a BOSS so u can use one ability over and over for a long ass time to kill it alone with said specific ability (Malleus Monstronum). Why do you have a penance for Zealot to not use ranged weapons on a higher difficulty mission where the point would be to USE your kit offered to u? (Up close and personal) Why do you push sharpshooters to quit a mission at any point if they miss a single shot? (Make every shot count).

These are not fun challenges at all and goes against the core gameplay. In Vermintide 2 u had a nice and clear way of getting the cosmetics for the classes which is do lets say Legendary on every map. Pushing the higher difficulty was the challenge itself and i as a casual player had a banger time with my friend doing it. These penances though are a huge waste of my and 3 others time since if i fail, i wont stick around neither does anyone else pushing for these. Cosmetics should be either rewarded by doing something that benefits the team without hindering any party in the process or achieved over time by doing what u supposed to do on X difficulty.

Some ppl say “just go to the discord and ask ppl to help”. To that i say no. The game by design ask u to work with your team without saying a single word. I like that aspect as a mostly solo player. I have no issues with working alongside other players just because i dont want to socialize and nobody should be pushed to do so to achieve some cosmetic that literally everyone wants. This has been already affecting matchmaking in a bad way too since the solo market is massive. By this im not saying btw that the game itself should change cuz a bunch of ppl are anti social, the games core philosophy is great and i love it but it should not push ppl to being social as well unless they want to so u can unlock a core reward by doing some utterly stupid thing that dosent even align with the games core design.


There’s already a megathread about exactly this:

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