Penance Changes with Update

So, if I understand it correctly the penance difficulty is going to be dialed down so that more people can complete them. What about the people that grinded them out for hours, or tens of hours? It’s kind of a slap in the face to drop the difficulty down and hand over cosmetics, which like it or not, are a kind of badge of honor to anyone and everyone who is semi-coordinated. This is especially true for stuff like Cliffhanger or Flesh Wound.

I sincerely hope the cosmetics have a pre-update version and a post-update version, even if it’s just coloration. Pretty demoralizing otherwise and feels like a lot of frustration and challenge for nothing if the change goes through and pretty much everyone can complete the penances. Or, better yet, create a couple new penances and retire the old beta era ones.

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I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one.

Either way, i believe that most of the people just cheesed their penances. Kudos to the legit ones !

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This is kinda spiteful. While difficulty is a factor, the penances also need an update because they promote bad play and negatively impact the team.

Who cares if other people got a cosmetic easier than you? You still accomplished what you accomplished and you still have the cosmetics. Just enjoy what you have…
Did you only do the penances to peacock to other players?

What a truly egotistical mentality. Same thing as older generations arguing against positive social change because “I hAd It ToUgH, kIdS tHeSe DaYs” etc.

Also most penances aren’t even a test of skill, mostly of patience. Truly terrible take.

Quite a few of the penances are poorly designed, anti-team play or plain silly. Like the Psyker penance that is “blow yourself up on 3 elites lmao”. How is that helpful to a team? Purposely killing yourself?

There’s other ones that are stupid, like the no melee damage one. So basically you just have to sit in the back holding block being a useless prick while the rest of your team does all the work.

But yeah, some penances need to be reworked or made reasonable. None should have you being a hinderance on the team.