Could you finally do something about penances?

I really don´t mind having team- or personal challenges. For example some good ones i´m fine with here and was in V2:

“Just a flesh wound” or “Make every shot count”

Both are personal ones and pretty much completely rely on the players without relying heavily on RNG or want the team to stay afk. Yes the first one atleast needs a team going through the map within 20minutes, but it´s really no-issue on several maps with low intensity.

“End events challenges in V2”

I don´t remember the name yet, but having one guy permanent in the circle of Convocation of Decay, defending the house in the Pit without having a window break or activating all rings in Athel Yenlui in a short time is something the team is doing together and all of them get an achievement in the end.

Such stuff is completely fine, offers different forms of challenges and might require teamplay.

But now we´re in Darktide and especially Ogryn and Psyker have penances that are either based on RNG, are fully against teamplay or even both…

“Pick´n´mix” or “Heavyweight champions”

Both are examples that completely rely on RNG in the first case. You just need luck that there are enough elites to get them done and hopefully noone else is killing them before you did it / rushed into them.

So far it´s better to do them in a team, but here we´re at the point where poeple have to afk for Psyker or need to kite Ogryns all day long to get 6 together.
Yeah, somebody could claim it´s teamplay, but it really isn´t. It´s more like you´ve to beg others to not to do their job, so you maybe get enough enemies together. It´s not even challenging, it´s just annoying in multiple ways.

“Malleus Monstronum”

I don´t believe that i´ve to say much about this one. Yes you can asked a friendly Ogryn to pull and afk tanking a deamonhost for you, while the other 2 teammembers watch you brainbursting all day long.
Sounds ridiculous? Yes it is… Just another penance that is fully against teamplay and how the game should be played in general.

Just compare this or the 2 above to the real teamchallenges V2 offered in several events and you´ll see the difference “good / bad design” immediately.

And again… nothing against personal challenges around the strength of the different classes itself. But it shouldn´t rely on RNG nor should you hold the team back completely or have to be in the need to beg them to stay afk. “Cliffhanger” might be another good example.

We need some reworks here and future ones should be better done.


Yeah, everything around the missions seem undercooked.

I love penances and challenge runs, but they should be fun, like the ones you mention from VT2. There just isn’t much here.

I agree. The penances in DT feel like they’re some kind of “trickshot” that if failed, is a detriment to the team because you’re playing like an idiot. I mean hell, even if you succeed, it usually means you had to try and play in a way that was also not very group friendly.

The penances in VT2, for the vast majority, feel like team challenges. I want more of those.

While I’m dreaming, I would also like more of these re-thought and well done penances, and attach a bunch more cosmetics to them.

The two that stand out the most for me are Malleus and that 20 minute zealot one. All of the others can conceivable be achieved during regular play, or even at random. But those two in particular require you to play like a jackass if you’re not in a premade party of friends who are onboard with the plan.

They should change them to be more about player skill and teamwork rather than forcing the entire party to play in an unnatural way “just cuz”.

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Some of them are INSANE and i am just strait up unwilling too force my team to wait on me too do some ridiculous challenge. This is a CO-OP game Fat-shark, its should be all about TEAMWORK, not weird hyper specific personal goals!