Who do you think is more likely as the next enemy type?

I’m thinking it’s going to be Tyrannids.

Not only would it be freakin awesome as all get out, but they would blend into the creepy tunnels and pipes and abandoned areas really well, as well as fitting the ‘stopping incursions’ concept of the game, except this time it would be preventing a Tyrannid cult leading to an invasion.

What do you think?


Although I love Tyranids. It wouldn’t fit, as they would fight the traitors and daemons.

Plus we are going to get a lot of Tyranids in Space Marine 2.

Tyranids would also cause every psyker to go mad and likely kill themselves or die in some sort before they even got to the planet.

I don’t think it would be Orcs, for similar reasons as they would attack everything, they also cause a lot of destruction. Levels would feel too clean or neat.

We also wont get any Astartes as mentioned by the devs.

I think the two they have now can be fleshed out for a long time.

But if we think of other armies…

Maybe a Genestealer cult? The big issue is papa nurgle might not play nice with Tyranids, since the cult worships Tyranids and eventually would want the planet to feed into the Hive fleet. Nurgle may have other ideas, like living. Nurgle has already influenced the Gaurd to worship his way of things, so that makes Genestealers out.

Harlequins worship the Laughing god so they’re out.

Nurgle and Tzeench are not the best of friends…to say the least.

Long story short, I dont think it would make much sense to add another race, but i would love to be proved wrong!


I don’t see that as a problem at ALL! xD

The various factions fighting each other would just make it so you would come on areas where Nurgle cultists were all dead and Genestealers were all over, demonhosts fighting off Genstealers and other chaos… the very thing we were sent in to stop.

Not only would that flesh out the difficulty (getting tossed into the middle of a war between the factions to try to destroy both sides in the confusion), but it just makes sense. Even the various demonic factions don’t like each other and would fight each other, so even if they just went the ‘maor demons!’ route, it could result in faction fighting faction between enemies. I also caught your comment about Nurgle cultists wanting to live and it gave me a good chuckle.

And again… I think it would be glorious to come on a horde of Nurgle cultists getting owned by some Genestealers, help one side or the other, then deal with the remaining side afterwards. It would open up all kinds of new dialogue lines about ‘defecting to the enemy by helping them’ and I’m sure the devs would add a few enemies strong enough that even if you DID help one side, it’d be a risk.

Just seems like all an around good continuation to the world building.

I think it would probably be more Daemons of Nurgle. Right now the only daemon in the game is the Beast of Nurgle monster. So if you’re talking a DLC like the Beastmen were for VT2, then I’d think Nurgle daemons would be the go to. Something about listening to plaguebearers counting at you through the whole map would be nice and creepy.


0% chance of 'nids, until Fatshark drops the Tyranid Wastes Paid DLC. Too many models/rigging/coding to drop for at least 1-3 years if they started now.


disclaimer i am no lore expert.

Dark eldar raiding outpost - could be they open up a travel agent offering one way tickets to various part destinations, like a militant butlins

you could have a genestealer cult doesnt have to be here in league with the rotting one they could hold seperate areas or even be in conflict.

and the last obvious one is they mine down and hit a necron tomb… which i had written off as not being fun , but if they take mechanicus’s awakening that could be an intersting spin

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Eh, beastmen in V2 were shown as being hostile to skaven and yet they show up in the same maps sometimes. They could add anything honestly.

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My vote is criminals/ gene stealers and/or some kind of elder.

The first would be easy, we sort of already have them with the dregs. Gene stealer are tyranids but also kind of their own thing. I don’t really want full on tyranids, but I’d love to go up against a gene stealer cult, if that make sense.

And both kinds of Eldar are always fun to shoot.

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Maybe not straight up tyranids, but genestealer cults fits the setting of the underhive, so no actual tyranid warriors or stuff like that, but everything from purestrain genestealers to kellermorphs and all the mutations in between.

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I would guess maybe a korne cult or criminal syndicate faction. I can also see a ratling infestation as a possibility since the characters bring them up occasionally.

Angry forum posters.


I am guessing there will be daemons of nurgle events and/or conditions. Nurgling swarms instead of traitors etc. Probably something to look forward to in the seasons.

It’s hard to imagine different actual factions in Tertium other than nurgle, but in time if the game is succesfull enough, we have a ship and different planets and locations potentially to explore. Would love derelict space ship locations with some other faction as enemy type there.

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They’re friendly abhumans in 40k so more likely to be a class than an enemy

How about they finish the game before adding other faction/races. Few more nurglites types is fine.


Well, many of my friends thought they saw Genestealer Hybrids during the trailers. However, I think it is more likely we will get some type of Nurgle daemon. Either Plaguebearer Elite, Nurglings Swarm Elite, or a Rot Fly Monstrosity.

If I had to put money on it, I’d say it’d be a Rot Fly. But what I hope it would be within reason are Glitchling Specials. They could run up on you and disable your ranged weapon while dealing corruption damage. It’d be nice because it’s soft CC and I hate hard CC disablers so minimizing the chances of those would be more than welcome.

Wasteland raiders coming from the world outside the hive.
Possibly nobility guards and cultists from the upper levels of the hive, with specialists like rebel psykers.
Mutant Beastmen, they have already made Beastmen of Chaos, which prevents them from making them again.
I would like to see the cultists of all the other gods of chaos, united by the dark apostles, with a demonic invasion.
Here is a rough description of the enemies:

The Dark Apostle - specialist who stays out of the fight, loudly reciting hymns to the dark gods, thus summoning squads of cultists while he remains alive. Buffs all cultists, giving them speed.

Possessed cultist - elite, another version of rager. Without armor, half a demon. If it deals damage equal to its health, it falls into a trance, after 1.5 seconds it explodes, causing low damage, summoning a squad of demons.

The traitor psyker - specialist. Casts a mind blast for a long time that deals damage through toughness, pushes it with a psi push when approaching it. After applying 4 Mind Blasts, it will mutate into a Possessed Cultist.

Plaguebearers of Nurgle - Elite, spawns in groups of 2-3.
Slow, no armor, but high health and stun, stagger resistant. Dealing damage adds a curse to health.

Plague Drone of Nurgle - specialist. A huge demonic fly that can fly in to grab you and drag you away from your allies, an analogue of the same fly from Deep Rock Galactic. While grappled adds curse to health over time. It flies not fast, but a lot of health.

Daemonette of Slaanesh - Elite, spawns in groups of 3-4.
They move very quickly, making a dash from melee attacks once every 3 seconds. Dealing heavy damage with a melee attack. If they notice an enemy, they put on a camouflage that blurs their silhouette with purple ripples before dealing or taking damage. Small amount of health. If you look at an uncamouflaged person for a long time, seduction points are imposed over time, slowing down the speed and damage of the character.

Daemon Of Khorne Bloodletter - Elite, spawns in groups of 2-3. Dodges almost all ranged attacks. Skilled in melee combat, blocks and counters with a powerful blow if it blocks a melee attack. Average health, average damage.

Screamers of Tzeentch - Elite, spawns in packs of 1-3.
Levitates in the air, noticing the enemy, swoops down on the victim, causing serious damage in one blow, after which it flies away repeating the approach. Average health.

Pink Horrors of Tzeentch - Elite - spawns in groups of 1-2.
Stays at a distance and fires warp fire. When killed, it has a high chance to split into 2 weaker versions of itself Blue Horrors, each of which can also split into a Brimstone Horror.

I hope they first flesh out the nurgle faction with some plaguebearer demons, nurglings, plague toads, vile savants, flying enemies like plague drones, a great unclean one bossfight maybe? Why not even choose one of Nurgles favourite sons with some character and make a story out of defeating him.

Also, instead of a monstrosity we could have a plague storm event. Reduce visibility and send hordes of plague demons our way.

A plague marine boss could be cool as well.

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Tau enemies, Since they mostly range units.
I wanna hear jealous Zealot mains crying about guardsman range being OP and needing to be nerfed since they are already crying guardsman melee weapons.


Oh god no! xD

I want them as another class choice, not a hive of Ratling snipers! Can you imagine turning a corner and there being DOZENS of small, hard to hit snipers down the hall?!

I’m with you on this one. This is more me getting people to think about how the game can be more fun or remain fun over time than griping about things not being done.

I mean… we have enough of those threads, don’t we? I probably made a few myself. It’s just showing interest, rather than complaining for once.