Which exotic passive its better?

Im playing at veteran atm…i have a neck with gift of shallya(30 percent more health from pot)and another that force me to not take heal but heal me overtime (and you can still be bandaged)

I am a tank and generally i use only one heal per run…so perhaps the passive health regen is good…what you think?

if you are realy confident in getting nearly no damage at all take the passive heal (also helps your teammates).
But its dangerous most of the times people die because they have been downed and can’t heal back from the temporary life & permanent death possibilty.
30 percent more heal is totaly fine because its only an positive effect with no risk.
If you go up to champion and need heal more frequently i would use the chance to not consume a heal on use, its a litte bit of a gamble but can be a run saver.

i run with Natural Bond all the time. If i take a hit, it’s a playstyle mistake. otherwise it’s great for healing up random gas attacks or friendly fire, or venting if i’m playing sienna. love it to bits =)

I dont think that it makes a huge difference on Vet…

I Play the selfheal trinkets on my tanky classes cause they shoudlnt get high dmg anyway,

on the others i Play the medikit dual heal trait…dunno ist Name right now, it says “when u heal a mate with medikit u also get healed” this is really awesome, because heals gettin scarcer and being able to stabelize mate and selfheal rocks

The only 2 classes that can safely wear the passive heal necklace are Unchained and Ironbreaker, simply because they have so much damage mitigation. On any other class it is pure folly to equip this thing because one good hit can screw you. My favorite passives are the one that heals you and your teammate when you use bandages and the 25% chance to dupe a healing item.

so… don’t get hit!!! =D

isn’t it fun to play with that tension of being ever alert, knowing that if you screw up, you ded

No, because I hate when the squishiest guy on my team, who also doesn’t know how to block, is one hit from death even though we passed 3 extra healing draughts. He is going to die a swift death in the next horde or boss fight leaving us down a man, almost guaranteed.

Now if you’re talking about playing on a lower difficulty where your team doesn’t have to invest so much in a match, then sure go ahead. But in legend or champ, when your team is trying to take it seriously to get loot? Unless you are like one of the top ten rambo players in the world you aren’t going to get much value out of that passive healing on any class that doesn’t have damage mitigation.

I think there is a direct correlation with the fact that most people I have seen use this necklace on classes other than unchained and ironbreaker are also pretty bad. Many choose it because they don’t know what they are really doing. Being able to heal yourself and an ally with a medpack, even if it is only 35%, is more useful to the team than maybe saving a healing item for someone else to use.

If you are playing with friends or you really are that good, then by all means have fun. But I would prefer if my teammates in pubs thought of what was best for the group, not just whatever silly challenge they wanna put up for themselves.

Tanks are supposed to take damage for the team, that’s why they’re tanks. Obviously in Vermintide you ultimately want to avoid damage but that doesn’t change the role of a tank. Primarily you shield the rest but if it’s unavoidable you throw yourself into the fray and soak up damage for your team. I play footknight and regularly end up having taken the most damage (and having used healing the least for that matter), simply because I can and it’s better I take the damage rather than my squishier teammates.

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And that is exactly what you combine with Natural Bond. I mean, it’s not like you cant heal up anymore, you can still be healed by bandages. Just grab a tome and let others take the potions. It helps conserve Pots, and helps you stay topped up, if you only take a hit once in a while.

tanks are supposed to have aggro and stay in front…that doesnt mean u have to take dmg :wink:

Read again, I said if anyone should take damage then rather the tank than the rest :wink:

rahter than…ok

topic: still keeping life regn on IB

In theory, yes. In practice, no. I have seen so many times someone get real low on health and then there are no bandages to be found while the team passes by healing draught after draught. Sure, you might find bandages, but now you’re relying on rng far more than you would otherwise. And when you’re talking end game, the amount of damage you take vs the amount of health you regenerate over time simply does not keep up enough to the point where you actually save any healing for anyone. You just end up with unused healing draughts or a teammate missing 5% health will drink one that he really didn’t need. Thats not very useful.

You need to be skilled far beyond the average player to consistently get enough use out of this necklace for it to be worth sacrificing the utility of the other necklaces. Either that or you need some passive damage reduction from the tankier classes to mitigate player error. Its a high risk low reward passive. Where as lets say the 25% chance to dupe a healing item is no risk high reward. If you don’t dupe it then oh well nothing has changed from a normal situation. But you might get lucky and dupe the same bandages 3 times in a row. With natural bond if you get downed, you are now just a single hit from being killed outright and who knows when the next time will be that you find a bandage.

This exists?
Like… in talents or stat wise built into the careers?

Ironbreaker Bardin has passive damage reduction(idk how much) and his trait makes him ignore a hit every 20 seconds(13 seconds if you talent it at lvl 15.) Siennas unchained class converts 50% of the damage she takes into overcharge, so if you manage her overcharge well she effectively has double the health pool of other heroes. Footknight Kruber is less tanky on his own but gives a damage reduction aura to himself and any nearby heroes. Zealot Saltzpyre can limit the amount of damage he takes in a single hit to 15 or half of the amount of damage, whichever is higher, plus he gets invulerability for a short time upon recieving fatal damage. Also, I heard from a streamer that different heroes have different sized health pools, but I havent looked into that to confirm.

Yeah, I see your point. I think I just compared having the trait to having no trait at all, but if you compare it to the other options, I guess you are right.

it’s a trait that rewards good play but totally destroys you if you make mistakes. THIS is the sort of traits and talents i want more of.

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Yeah some diversity would be nice … why would you ever take 50% explosion radius when you can have a 25% chance of not consuming your bombs …
Some traits are just straight up underwhelming on every difficulty.

I can respect that you like the challenge it presents, but I was just answering OP’s question of which passive is better.

I like the bigger bombs actually. I don’t use bombs often, I only use them when I need them to kill something fast or to stagger the boss. The bigger bomb makes it easier to kill an entire patrol in one shot or close off a whole area with fire. Not using the bomb is nice too, but really only useful if it happens to proc during a boss fight. You don’t need more than one bomb to take care of any other problem and I feel like you find them often enough.

I dont know, I get entire patrols with one bomb, never really have an issue with the size of the explosion.
Nothing personal but I HATE people who use flame bombs on champ, I just hate them.

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