Mercenary 1st Talent "Battle Scars" Question

“Battle Scars” increases healing effects by 30.0%
That means Healing Potions etc.
Does it also increases the amount of temporary health you get while activating your super (Morale Boost) ?

or what else it does ?

Yes, it affects Temp Health gains too - or the regen from Natural Bond too for that matter. Probably Waystalker’s regen too, if she runs the group Talent.


I believe it does, but not 100% sure.

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Yes, all incoming healing. All what Yzne mentioned plus health share from lvl 20 talent if your teammate with this talent recieve healing.

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Yes, it increases HP gained from all sources. And it stacks. So, for example, you can take that talent and put the 30% healing trait on the necklace as well. With your healing shout lvl 25 talent for 45HP, with the talent and necklace trait, you will now get 72 temp HP from each shout.


It’s 20% Health on necklace

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm unless this site is rather out of date, these are the necklace traits:

Unless you are talking about properties. Properties are the two, little blue-text buffs attached to any item of green quality or higher. This could be “+20% maximum health” or “+10% power versus Skaven.” Necklaces have a property which is “+20% maximum health.”

Traits are the additional abilities attached to items of orange-quality or above. You can only have one trait per item and they vary depending on the type of item. @SmokerT69 is referencing the Trait “Boon of Shallya” which provides 30% additional healing received and is mentioning that it stacks with the talent “Battle Scars.”


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