Which blessings are worth keeping regardless of level?(and which ones are objectively better at level 4)

Either because the difference between level 1 and 4 is neglible or there’s just no difference, which blessings are considered good no matter what level?

I don’t know if someone already made a spreadsheet or something of the sort.

Generally everything that boosts power is a top pick regardless of Tier, because 1% of power equals 1% of damage, cleave and impact.
Brittleness and Impact are usually not worth picking unless you got it at the highest level. Then you might feel a difference.
For ranged options, miscellanous stuff such as hipfiring while shooting and sprint speed and other such gimmicks are usually not good at all. Avoid.

All blessings get objectively better with higher tier.
If they are good at any tier, depends entirely on the effect of the specific blessing.
If they are something you want to pick, depends on their effect as well as the alternatives.

As a general rule, of course you will likely use blessings that maximize your damage output.

If you have questions regarding specific weapons or blessings, feel free to ask.

There is a mod that allows you to see the effects of all available blessings for an item in the “rebless” menu.
This way you can look at the effects of each blessing and decide which ones are good and which are not.

Click here for link to the mod.

Reveal Blessings at Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Nexus - Mods and community (nexusmods.com)

Some blessings add an additional function to a weapon, that can be valuable at any tier. In this case, the tier does not necessarily matter all that much.

Sadly, you have to consider that certain blessings do not really work all that well on some weapons, as well as some descriptions being inaccurate at this time.

For example, these two blessings stack 5 times, but do not tell you so.

This blessing requires a huge number of hits, to stack up and is pretty much negligable.

Except for devastating strike lol which is still the same at T1 as T4.

Fire Frenzy also lies about its bonus. It gives damage not power. Makes death spitter a bit more appealing than first glance since it also helps cleave and stagger.

Y iirc, it used to be higher duration for higher tier, but recently they “fixed” it to be broken and now it olny works for a single attack or something.
But since this is absolutely stupid, i would hope that they fix it properly at some point. :smiley:

I thought about including this exception but decided against it (since i assume it will be changed).

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I think Brutal Momentum is good at any tier. It’s just their to help axe mulch horde, real easy to trigger.

I think at least T2 is good but above that it barely matters. I don’t think it can reset effect while active so duration certainly does help a bit.

You can reset it.
At least it is displayed that way.

Oh ok they must have changed that at some point then because at some point it definitely couldn’t refresh while active

BM is good at t2, t3 or t4
Devastating strike is same at all tier (thanks FS for the worst nerf ever)

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