Balance blessings level better

Make the T1 blessing the T3 values.
Make T4 the same.
Make T2 and T3 the mid way points between T1 and T4.
Some power blessings are massive differences like 2% power and 5% power is a 250% diffeence.


No blessings is 100% power. T1 is 102% power. T4 is 105% power. In this particular case it is not as dramatic as you say it is.


That certainly…a unique way of looking at this :flushed:

unique? how?

Just being sarcastic. I acknowledge there is a range of bad blessings, but the tier “power” scaling in general is fine as it is. With those blessings which matter the power/crit increases etc scale fairly well across blessings. I was unlucky with some rolls and ended up with two force swords with T2 Slaughterer blessings instead of T3 I was aiming for. I don’t notice a difference in power drop.

Imo it is completely fine the way it is.

T1 blessings effectively only exist while leveling. It is completely fine for them to not be incredibly strong. That way, players are more likely to test out multiple weapons instead of just sticking with one for a very long time due to the lucky blessing on it.

T2 blessings come a bit later and have better stats, making you a bit more likely to care and therefore keep the weapon for a while.

T3 are good and appear almost every time, once you are lvl 30.

T4 are a bit better than T3, but they are pretty rare. Something that is that rare to get in the first place, should have better stats.

We should be able to change BOTH blessings on our weapons, but that is a different topic.

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