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Is there a comprehensive list of the blessings CURRENTLY in the game?

Now, I may be just really unlucky but at some point I start to wonder if the blessing I want is even in the game. This being the case with Warp Nexus which I have never seen being higher than lvl 3. Can anybody confirm Warp Nexus lvl 4 exists?

And also, is it possible to get lvl 4 blessings with platsteel upgrades? Doesn’t seem to be the case either.

Now, while this is kinda irrelevant (if I get my blessing or not), there is some real lack of clarity around blessings in general. Something that would help this particular issue, considering the huge amount of RNG present, would be to at least show somewhere in the game all the available blessings for each kind of weapon.

Something that would help even more, would be to have blessings that activate under certain conditions (Strike X enemy, Chain X times, etc) actually show their icon along the other buffs in the UI when they activate and how many time they stacked.

Can we do something about this please?

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Yes it exists.
But it is rng and rng sucks.
Trying to get Powercycler (T4 exclusive blessing) on my Veteran, I have upgraded about 40 powerswords (base lvl 350+) to blue, and around 25 of those to orange quality.
Still only have 2 of the T4 blessings (and both that i got, suck).
I have never seen a PS with T4 blessing at melk.

I am considering to create a 2nd veteran, just to leave it sit at lvl 30 with a bit of weekly currency, so that i get an additional Melk inventory, and do not have to waste my time.


Well, thanks for confirming this. Now I know my quest is not pointless, just idiotic due to RNG.

Also, since you’re using it, what staff is that screen from? Voidstrike? If so, is that blessing better than the peril removal on weakspot it?


It is a Purgatus staff.
I think these 2 are the best blessing combination for it, so i am happy that at least i never have to farm anything for a purgatus staff again.

I think peril removal and Warp Flurry might be the best combination for voidstrike, since you can 1 shot all trashmobs with it, without needing to crit or anything like that.
Maybe Warp Nexus + Surge (2 shots on critical hit, T4 only afaik) is a good alternative, but i guess this would only rly be worth something, when trying to kill elites (although i can not tell, since it requires RNG and i do not have the Surge blessing).

I’ve been curious about whether or not blue vs orange weapons get more (or can get at all) some blessings. I’ve also been wondering about blessing rarity in general–as in if there’s more variance than just common vs rare (like common, rare, super rare). Like I used to think that Deflector on a force sword or Infernus on a lasgun was rare. Compared to Surge on a voidstaff or, like you mentioned, power cycler, the others don’t seem nearly as rare.

Back to blue vs orange though, I feel like I’ve only seen the rarest blessings on orange weapons? Completely unqualified opinion, anecdotal, and based on RNG, but maybe someone could enlighten me on the topic with better data :slight_smile:

Continuing the discussion from Power Cycler blessing not possible to get anymore?:

Does not make it clear if that is due to the blessing being T4, or if it is about this one in particular.

I did that, too. I created my second Vet in December.

Would you care to guess how many Powercycler Power Swords either of my Vets got from Melk so far?

I’ll give you a hint: ZERO.

I did, however, come to appreciate the Blessings combo of Supercharged (T4) and Slaughterer (T3) and I don’t feel I’m missing out on Power Cycler at all. Call it Copium, but it seems to me that Supercharged lets me get in more swings against armored enemies; against mixed hordes on Damnation I get 4 powered heavy swings, at which point Slaughterer (seemingly) gives me enough of a buff to continue swinging and killing without having to power up again.

But like I said, this could also all be Copium and in my head - maybe my belief in my setup gives me the confidence to keep killing :smile:

Anyway, do I feel I’m missing out on Power Cycler?


Am I still a bit salty about this whole RNG nonsense?


I just got my best roll from Brunt on a Purgatus staff at 374, and had been saving upgrade materials for 4 damnation runs eagerly.

Lv 2 Nexus and lv 3 run and gun.

NGl I have run n gun on almost every staff i upgrade thats past 360 or so. I have wasted SO MUCH time and materials trying to get a decent staff of any type and its starting to feel worse than before, at least on Psyker, on all the other classes ive had no trouble getting usable at T5 gear, yet im at 450 hours, completed melks every week like a good little varlet and have barley anything to show for it.

I do have a force sword with l4 Blazing spirit and l4 unstable power which is FINE i GUESS but I have nothing that can deal with damnation hordes well enough aside from very shitty staffs.

Yeah, I agree. Still, I would love to be able to try it if RNG wills. I cannot express how jucy it is when you crit with a charged up voidstrike it. Goddamn it feels nice.

Darktide Weapon Blessings (Traits) - Complete List of All Blessings - Darktide WH40k - Games Lantern

Claysthetics - YouTube

that’s about all ive got personally :slight_smile: hope it helps.

There are blessings on the games lantern site that are not actually in the game atm lol there was another site but it got shut down a little while ago.

Yes I got my first power cycler blessing on a blue power sword I made while upgrading. It is possible but I’m guessing its very unlikely. I cant remember how many I made I was not keeping track.

Changes to Blessings on Games Lantern website : DarkTide (reddit.com)

Upgrading to yellow seems to have a better chance of higher tier blessings. Has very much felt that way at least from my experience.

Be wary of Warp Nexus as it doesn’t function correctly. The best you’ll get is at 50% peril is 10% crit with a T4. the other percentages trigger at 97%. Both of them.

It’s the nature of the shitty game. I’ve been chasing power cycler since this game’s release have yet to see it after consecrating over 40 power swords.

You have to wonder what has happened to the people who just gave up. They never got to experience the more fun blessings. I don’t think fat shark understands that by making these blessings so incredibly rare it just puts people off.

I found a blue in my inventory with a single level 4, I will try to get a screen shot for you because I actually don’t expect you to trust some random from the internet not feeding you faces information ;).

With that said… I hate this system with a passion. I stayed away from it until it was complete, now it is and it’s just utter garbage. I need to find an orange weapon with a perk and a blessing that I want… and then try to get the individual blessings and perks to put in there. Just getting the individual ones are proving close to impossible. Finding the base orange one with the two that I want seem statistically impossible.

On a side note. I hate looter shooters and keeping track of ever growing inventories of crap. ME1 had this down reasonably well. I would much rather just have a weapon of each type that I could slot blessings into. I would like a way to upgrade blessings, say get 10 of a level 3 blessing to get a level 4 one (or something, just something tangible to grind towards without the RNG).

It’s also when the UI is useless, like in Borderlands, and it takes forever to filter through all of the garbage you have.

I really liked the system that the weaves had. One weapon, slot things in and out, make the grind to obtain these slottable things a bit more than in weaves and you’d have a system that I’d love to play and experiment with. There is absolutely no experimentation in this system that we have now as all effort is going into just getting a good weapon of one type that we want.

I am disappointed, and I’m frustrated, and I don’t understand why they would absolutely ruin the stellar gameplay that they have in the missions themselves with this garbage.

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