Where's the Psyker hotfix

…to increase damage per warp charge to +30% to make up for the insanely huge Psyker nerf for 85% of builds that you vomited out with the latest patch? Honestly, you’ve just completely broken the Psyker playstyle with 3 out of 4 staves. Now all we can do is use staff and quell. That’s it. Mixing in melee would be suicidal since going back to staff or BB after being in melee for a bit, you will still be on insanely high peril.


Let me guess, they lowered the passive quell speed on non-force weapons?

Yeah. To the lowest possible. Which means playing with high-peril staffs (like trauma) becomes nearly impossible. It relies completely on being able to passively quell. FatShark thinks we want to play half the mission holding R and moving at 1/3 speed.

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Two steps forward, one step back I suppose:


Personally I have no issues with Peril management. Like at all. Maybe this comes from main’ing Sienna for 600 hours in VT2, but I like running high peril builds and taking advantage of the up to +15% damage for having high peril.

Quelling takes all of 3-4 seconds if you really need to quell, you can use your ult every 30 seconds (or less depending on perks/feats) to clear peril if you’re in trouble.

Frankly, thematically and lore wise, force weapons SHOULD allow you to quell faster (even passively) than non-force weapons. That’s half the point of them.

I don’t know, I feel like quell speeds are pretty non-important, at least to how I play.


I’m glad it doesn’t matter to how you play. They are actively removing playstyles, though. When using something like Trauma, it felt great to work to 100 peril and then wade into melee with a peril/toughness bank that would quickly fix any stray hits.

Now that is impossible. You have to stay on your staff, and don’t you dare do anything else. Now if you go into melee at high peril, by the time you’re ready to use your staff, you’re still on way too high peril.

Maybe you enjoy spending half your mission holding R, but I do not. Nor do I appreciate entire playstyles being removed, especially from a class that is pure glass with tons of micro on top, with absolutely no cannon or benefit over other classes.


Bumping discussion so hopefully this gets seen. In perfect honesty, they probably aren’t aware of your playstyle. The players are always going to understand those nuanced relationships of how the classes work in practice better than Fatshark.

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I`m really annoyed at this too, I made a post over on reddit that discusses the possible reasons for the change. I can think of three potential reasons.

1- Passive quell was too powerful, the change was a deliberate design decision to make Psyker weaker.

2- Fatshark implemented the change without considering class balance, they only considered it a bug.

3- Fatshark doesn’t consider the change a nerf. It marginally improves force-staves after all.

The fact that they implemented a fix like this without buffing Psyker to compensate really bothers me, It really puts a damper on the excitement that came with the new update, as 85.29% of all the weapons I could have used on my Psyker are now way worse than before the update.


I rarely used non-force sword on Psyker. If you were 99% peril, how quickly would it vent down to an acceptable level (0%?) when using a non-force sword melee weapon before? How long does it take now?

It has utterly and completely removed my playstyle from the game. This is absurd levels of incompetence, even for FatShark. Quietitude might as well not exist now. This is just ridicolous. As if it wasn’t bad enough that their crafting patch just piled on with even more RNG.

Get your frigging act together, FatShark.


Fatshark psyker loop. One step forward two steps backwards…

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Yeah to be honest this might be final nail in the coffin for me. After the tiny Psyker buffs they came out with last time around, I was finally able to find some enjoyment in Psyker, and actually learning to love Trauma (which was great, because it’s not like we have tons of staves to choose from, and using the same 3 got really boring. Especially since I’m not on the Purge train.)

Now they have just completely gutted the entire purpose of having non-force melee weapons for Psyker. Might as well remove them from the game. Jesus effing christ this is bad. Not sure I will ever play this game again. It’s just… removed all joy.

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It’s gone from just a few seconds to hit 50%, to 15 seconds. A full 30 to go from 100 to 0. I know this matters not for Purge and other force sword builds, but for other builds, for people who actually wanted to get into melee and actually help out and not rely on a flame staff, this change has completely killed Psyker.


Psyker still sucks yup.

This is a tough pill to swallow. shrug Clearly Fatshark wants us to spend more time quelling. Would be nice if all the downsides of having peril equated to more than “But you dont need ammo!!!”.

As if ammo is ever a real consideration. Maybe for a revolver or a shotgun.

I stopped playing psyker back with the Deflection nerf and this is just kicking psykers while they’re down. I am absolutely not coming back to the most lazily d̶e̶s̶i̶g̶n̶e̶d̶ ported over class in Darktide. It’s got the worst anti-quality-of-life gameplay that’s already a massive pain in the proverbial ass, what it needs is an urgent rework.

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Why they hate Psyker to much

Clearly from your various posts you play force sword vast majority of the time. It’s not about having “issues managing peril”, it’s that you now have to actively vent a lot more using non force weapons when previously part of the draw was being able to avoid the down time and instead be in melee. It’s a straight nerf to how fluid and aggressive you can be with those builds and it’s a huge difference from where it was.

I’ve defended Psyker plenty and seen reasonable sense in most of the changes made thus far, but this one is just inane. When I saw this change I was concerned but figured it would be a much more minor change. Nope it’s dead ass like a quarter the speed it was before.

@FatsharkCatfish This was an extremely pigheaded change that massively nerfs non force weapons while giving no justification. If you noticed non force weapons were more popular why yes, because you needlessly nerfed force sword into borderline irrelevance. The answer to that was NOT to drag non force weapons down to its level.

I thought the difference in passive venting was a really clever way to differentiate the use and feeling of force sword from non force weapons. Now I’m lead to believe that what? It was unintended? Y’all just changed your mind and decided Psyker’s roll is actually just to hold R half the map? Wouldn’t want to encourage people to play frontline and melee heavy, that would lead to playstyle variety. Can’t have that.

Yeah I’m pretty salty about this.


I noticed this and instantly adjusted to quell with my god roll staff i built because crafting is actually good now. Tested this on high intensity damnation and it is definitely still playable. Maybe if you guys all combine your tears into a large cup and offer them up to fatshark they will buff everything even more then they did this last patch.