Psyker Feedback

I don’t know why, but Psyker feels like he’s…all over the place, for his talents.
Like, some are meant to be used on minions…except you can only pop 2 heads before being at 90% Warp Peril. Plus it has a windup to use.
So it’s not spammable enough to be used on minions.

He feels like a miniboss/Boss killer with filler Traits.
I mean, Warp Syphon gives increased damage for Brain Burst kills…Except, as stated above; he can’t spam Brain Burst enough to keep Warp Charge tokens.
2 of 3 of his level 5 Traits revolve around getting Brain Burst kills, or just Warp kills (Which Brain Burst is the most reliable way to do). But, again, he can’t spam it.
Granted; his level 15 has a Trait that give shim 4% per kill to gain a Warp Charge. But you’re giving up the VERY valuable ability to make Bosses take more damage from ALL SOURCES when you hurt them to do it.

Plus, they are not explained well. What, in the name of the Emperor, is ‘Soulblaze’?
Nothing explains if it’s a stagger? A knockdown? A DoT?

Also, his Psykenetic’s Wrath is…a damage-less knockdown.
The Ogryn also has a knockdown.
So does the Priest.
So it feels superfluous.
But his 100% Peril pop damages everything around him…at the cost of knocking him down to Dying.
Why not give his Wrath damage that scales based on Peril vented? It really feels like it should.

All in all; he’s a special/miniboss/boss killer with a few skills that encouraged reckless use of his Brain Burst without the ability to recklessly use it!


It was different during the closed beta. His brain burst worked pretty well and you could squeeze in 4 pops with barely avoiding popping yourself. It was also stronger as you could pop most normal elites with only 2 bursts.

Now they kinda nerfed it because you need more bursts to kill an elite and you also can not use as many as you need. Both changes at once are kinda overkill imo.

Due to that preparing a brain burst is also not really useful anymore because you can only prepare it once before you reach critical levels of peril. in the CBT you could still squeeze in a second, even if you had to hold it for a while.

I do agree though that his ultimate should definitely deal damage based on peril vented. It would also give you a good reason to actually use it, because right now its just more efficient to switch to regular guns, unlike in the beta where you could run around with it popping heads of special enemies while your team can focus on mowing down the masses.

To me, psyker felt like a great tool to take out elites ideally before they can come close to the group so that the rest of the team could focus on what they are good at, but now… eh.


Was planning on starting with psyker. I thought the Beta last month was a good spot with how much peril was used for headpops, now being able to only get two off (unless you use push, to reset peril) before having to vent seems like overkill. Now i think ill just go safe route with veteran.

my precious boy, look how they massacred my boy

Seriously, I don’t know who at fatshark had the bright idea to go full scorched earth on the psyker but all I can say is bravo.

I’m pretty sure pic related is literally impossible now; I don’t mean impossible in a skill sense, but rather in a mechanical one. You will almost reach your limit after two bursts (which aren’t guaranteed to even kill the target) and the cooldown time is immense, even taking your ult into consideration. I would go so far as to say 3 elite kills is pushing it, although that would probably be possible if you were willing to explode yourself as well. It feels as though this challenge was based on the older build of psyker, and QA just… didn’t notice.


That achievement does not even seem possible to do without killing yourself. (Burst, Burst, knockdown to vent, burst, burst, bust & explode)
Nevermind that a Brain Burst may not be a kill, thus voiding that attempt.
Or that there may not BE 5 Eliete or Specials in one place.
Or that your teammates could end up killing too many because BB has a long windup…


I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess there are trinkets and whatnot that increase your warp resistance enough to the point where you can spam head pop at least three times before blowing your load. Since they were not present in the CB, it might have made sense to have the cost reduced for the sake of exposition but maybe I’m just coping.

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also wtf happened to the UI for peril? It was cool and stylized now its just flat and boring. Is this a graphics thing? Im p sure im on the same level as i was in alpha


I’m hoping it’s a temp UI while the finalized one is being worked on for full release.


Lol of all the things they decide to add a strictly numerical UI for, it’s the Psyker Peril meter…

But yeah I think the Psyker feels very disjointed. Why does venting peril take an actual eternity? It’s literally faster to just wait it out than it is to vent, it’s kinda ridiculous.

It definitely has the very easy chance of being absurdly OP depending on the stats, since you have a “free” oneshot kill on a lot of things (plus you can even do it from safety once you’re locked on), but as it stands right now it just doesn’t feel all that fluid or fun to play, and the whole “psychic warp power” thing doesn’t feel like it plays a massive role in the playstyle.


Yeah, getting rid of Peril with the R button is completely useless now, given that it slows you down even harder, to the point you cant really move anymore, now. You were still able to move quicker during the CBT.

Its better now to just pop 2 elites, vent, hope that the vent got rid of all your peril because it really doesnt for me, pop again and then just switch to melee while you wait for it to come down again


Honestly, my idea (And I’m not a game designer, so take a pinch of salt) would just be to make it take more Peril to do more Damage.
Basically, remove the charge-up: The longer it’s held; The more Peril it generates, but the more damage it does when released.
This would allow Psykers to control both Peril generated, and the speed of use.
With, like, 5% Peril generated every time it’s started, to prevent spamming without punishment.

So a Psyker could charge it by 15%, for +20% Peril (The 15% charge plus the 5% windup) for whatever damage, or charge it to 99% for even more damage.
So a Psyker could burn 99% Peril to do high Boss damage, but then they are on a long cooldown.
Or they can do smaller burns, coupled with whatever Perks they took, to do smaller, more frequent bursts of damage.

It would no longer auto-pop. A skilled Psyker would need to learn how long to hold to pop heads without wastefully burning extra peril.


Under no circumstances should something as boilerplate as pushes/push attacks with any weapon cost peril.


as far as i could tell, venting has 2 purposes

  • venting off very few % right after casting so you dont blow up or can recast quick

  • getting you murdered because you cant move fast enough to flow with your team while venting


Yeah, Psyker was really fun in the Beta but now it just feels like useless. I barely want to use my abilities. I don’t even understand how you are supposed to use stacks now, it just devolves into constant meter management which wasn’t an issue in the beta. The class ability never felt super strong in the beta but that was fine cause popping heads was really fun. But now it just feels like a class that doesn’t do anything particularly well, aside from occasionally killing up to two elites fast.
I wonder if there is anybody that enjoys those changes. The good thing is that all of that can easily (?) be changed again but boy is the class just not fun to play at the moment.
It might get better later on but I’m very hesitant to put hours into a class that “might” get fun to play later.


in the cbt, the psyker was really viable, a glass cannon psyker, now i think theyve utterly wrecked him, if they were going to nerf, the one nerf i could have understood is maybe reducing the amount of brain bursts before crit peril, but that would only have been viable if they maintained the same damage, and also kept the class ability as draining the full peril bar, now hes not viable at all, the brain burst isnt viable as even a fallback in most cases, and the ability is now useless, the purpose of the class ability, was to drain the bar fully, so that you could build up full peril but still be in the fight quickly, and then build up full peril again while THEN having to wait for it to clear, now what? its just basically a push, it removes less than half of the peril bar, only for you to go back to max peril in one attack, if they want anyone to ever actually play the psyker, they need to restore it closer to what it was in the CBT and they need to at the very bloody least, make the class ability drain the full peril bar again, otherwise its useless

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Yea Psyker was about half my play time in the beta and even then the last couple days a lot of my head burst targets would be killed by the team before I got them. The charge attack was almost mandatory and did a lot of peril there. I’d often fall behind trying to vent peril just keeping my passive stacks up. Not sure why they needed to make these changes.


even then though, the ability now barely denting the peril meter rather than venting it fully like it did in the cbt severely limits the viability of the psyker, its just really upsetting because its the class i played most kn beta and i really enjoyed it, if theyve nerfed the force staff ill cry, i havent unlocked it but if they have then theyll have killed him.

“look how they massacred my boy”

(i dont know how to reply to specific comments :sweat_smile:)

Psyker was way too strong in cbt. I was really pushing it with the bursting of brains and i only popped twice. The firs trait that was extremely stong was the 50% shield regen on brain burst kill. That was far from beeing a glass cannon. Plus the self explody didn’t even down you while on full health. But The nerf hammer hit too hard. Without traits i find it difficult to maintain the 4 stacks.
Essentially shield regen on brain burst is not really viable. Sniping elite/special with brain burst not that good if there are more than two, playing around with traits that have brain burst as a center mechanic seems hard to do. If force weapons would have extra peril resistance, that would be a really nice counter balance. I mean the psyker is fine now, except that you can only safely cast two brain bursts. Fine in the beginning, but later on you need to be able to get more casts off.

In agreement with a number of other comments psyker has gone from strong to easily the worst class.
Made of paper yet over two bursts unable to match any class using a clip of any gun in damage.
Four bursts was fine, even the strength was fine considering the wind up each cast had, if you want to reduce damage like this at least speed up the casting.
Especially considering you need to dodge enemies that are better at tracking dodges while casting.
The increase to warp peril per cast just feels crippling.
I don’t want Brain Burst to be the only thing you press but it needs to feel rewarding to mix it into your game play.
Presently the fun factor seems to be lacking for me and my friends for psyker.
Also the changes to enemy pacing seems to further punish the psyker with much more horde pressure in general further complicating their single target role.
Please revert these changes or compromise with pro vs con.

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Same overall sentiment here. Was looking forward to playing Psyker. Loved how it felt in the CBT, albeit a bit overtuned.

The nerfs seem very heavy-handed. Crippling is a good way to describe it. Increasing the peril cost/reducing damage would have been fine on their own, but with both I just feel toothless. Peril venting faster passively than meditating makes no sense. The ultimate ability no longer resetting peril is another massive nerf. Psyker went from my most anticipated archetype to last on the list until they revert some of these changes. Maybe it will get better at higher level with more Feats and items (currently level 10), but as it stands right now I’ll be avoiding playing Psyker. Keeping max warp charge stacks is definitely possible on lower difficulties but it is not easy, I can’t imagine how hard it would be on Heresy/Damnation.

Edit: Pretty sure that penance is just straight-up impossible without some insane peril-reducing gear. Even if you manage to get off 5 BBs before dieing, you only have 10 seconds. No time to vent, and Ult only reduces peril by 50%.