Psyker Feedback

Sometimes a like is not enough. 100% agree, this feels like something a intern would do or something done out of actual spite for the class…
Not saying that’s the case, but the fact that it FEELS like it should be testament to how objectively bad this rework is.
It does not generate or open up alternative ways to have fun with the class, it ruins what was already working, because, according to that one strangely emotional dev post on steam, someone disliked the way people were having fun, which isn’t the best kind of approach. Instead of creation the focus is destruction, reconsider your methods maybe and buff what seemingly was underused in your eyes instead of forcing people to play the way YOU want them to have fun.

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Psyker is quite dead in this version:

  • brainburst cost far too much
  • combined this the ultimate nerfs
  • combined with the push attack costing peril for the sword
  • combined with staff high peril cost

make the psyker unusable, and ifyou take “classic” weapons, others class are far better at it


The major problem is that Warp Siphon requires you to kill enemies with Brain Burst. ONLY Brain Burst.
And Warp Siphon is needed for so many of his Talents.
But now Fatshark has nerfed its damage, kept its windup time, nerfed Psykinetic’s Wrath so you don’t reset to 0% Peril, and nerfed how many casts you get.
So good luck keeping Warp Siphon up.

And look at Kinetic Overload:
When you have maximum warp charges; gaining a Warp Charge instead applies Soul Blaze to a nearby enemy.
What is Maximum? 4.
How do you get 4 Brain Bursts? Pop, pop (Now you’re at 90% Peril), Wrath, pop…and you can’t pop a 4th time because you did not reset to 0%. So good luck getting OVER 4 casts!

My suggestion:
Either un-nerf Brain Burst, or change Warp Siphon to ‘Killing with Force/Warp Abilities’.
IE: The Force Swords special attack, Force Staves, Brain Burst, etc.
His skills require a synergy that is almost impossible to get after the nerfs.


Looks like fixed some stuff in the hotfix :fire:

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Looks like they are really tweaking the class.
From the patch Notes:
You should be able to cast 3 head-pops without exploding, landing at 100% peril. There is a 3s delay to auto-quell below the critical 97% threshold for repeat cast. There is also a 10% change built into class to quell 10% peril on kill, allowing for additional casts. Faster active quelling, in general, with extra speed on staves, allow for more player control of peril levels.

So while we have nerfed the number of head pops players can cast without too much peril, we’ve also tuned up other sources of damage (specifically agony stacks) and staff-manual-vent/quell loop for more varied gameplay. Full head pop builds with vent-rolled staves are still viable, but the old “multiple head-pop > ult > back to head pop” loop is gone.

Thank you for listening, and a quick reaction, Fatshark!


Glad they were quick on reverting some of the heavyhanded nerfs from last beta but it still feels too ridiculous compared to other classes.

Peril on shove is a joke.
The feats are a joke.
Warp charges are a joke.

Among other things, those are the biggest 3 problems when sizing up Psyker to other careers on the 2 highest difficulties. Only other annoyance worth mentioning is the dodge stamina on brain burst being nerfed into the ground.
Unless there is some curio or staff effect that interacts with warp charges in an insane way and rocks your socks off, I feel significant change is still needed. Here’s hoping fatshark monitors Psyker closely after these changes and adjusts.


Peril on shove is THE most outlandish change. Have they played their games on their harder difficulties? Do they fathom how frequently people need to push when you’re not playing on the recruit equivalent gamemode?!?!?!


guys with the patch the pysker is good now tbh

They should fix the force swords too.


For me the biggest problem with the Psyker is that you can only create warp charges with brain burst. Since warp charges are an essential resource to make just about any build work it hurts your character when you’re building peril by doing anything other than brain bursting. That really screws with force weapons.

If they simply allowed any attack that gives you peril to generate warp charge the class would be a lot better.


There’s too many nerfs at once on the psyker.

  1. Brain Burst cost
  2. Brain burst charge time
  3. Quell move penalty
  4. Quell initial quelling speed
  5. Ability only quelling 50%

The psyker probably did need nerfing, but all of it at once is a bit much, not only for power purposes, but the QoL of playing the psyker is much, much worse.

The tutorials will also need updating, because it says the psyker ability will remove all your warp.


Agreed. It should be changed to generate Warp Charges with ANY Psyker power kills; Brain Burst, staves, the Force Swords alternate attack, etc.

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Fatshark I know there’s a lot of thing you need to do but like can I get a option to turn off high peril muting the soundtrack I spend all of a boss fight, hell most of a game at 90%+ peril I wanted to hear that kick-ass Jesper Kyd OST.


Definitely. Feels like the class was balanced with none of the psyker weapons in mind. Very odd.

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Well I have been playing psyker for a while now and I haven’t had much of an issue with it. You only need to purge down to 87% and you will not kill yourself with brain burst so thats where I keep it. And with better weapons your quill speed gets pretty fast as well. Add the feat to get warp charges with enemy kills in coherence and the class feels really good.


Anyway, after the mini patch, Psyker is completely viable. It’s a character that carries a lot of damage, so it has an important role + it would be overkill if you could spam BB, which is strong enough anyway.

By the way, it is sometimes better for your companions if they not only fight with the basic zombies, but also sometimes get 1-1 difficult boys as rivals. In my opinion, the damage balance of that character is just right.

Also, I’ve never seen matchmaking without Psyker, so based on his popularity, a nerf makes sense.

Thanks for the correction was a typo. If I had any issue with the Psyker it would be the targeting of the BB. It sucks when a sniper is shooting you behind cover and you just cannot lock on to him with only the head exposed.

I know right? We already have a resource for that, STAMINA. That change was so bizarre. RIP force sword.

The trick here is after the recent mini tweaks you can cast BB at 97% peril and not overload. That’s 3 back to back casts then a short purge in between all future casts it has felt fine for me i never felt like i could not cast a BB when I wanted to. Also keep in mind we aren’t at very high power levels/feats the damage will probably feel better once we are geared up as well into the higher difficulties its pretty early to say.

Should give a warp charge on any special kill with a warp attack or using brain burst on any target.

Getting warp charges using a aoe staff on zombies would be too many warp charges.