Where is new weave season?

Seasons have happened per 5 months. They announced 4 season 1 month before it starts. Shouldn’t you announce 5 season when chaos waste released?

I don’t play chaos waste. I’m only waiting weave new season. I don’t hope many thing on new season. I’m fine with recolored frame(especially golden). Just give us regular season as always.
If season become shorter, it would be better.

You can’t just abandon weave like this. There are people who like weave even if it is few. Also, you said weave is okay-ish as it is.

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I giggled, can’t lie.


Weave season 5 is called Chaos Waste.


I’m happy to wait half a year or a year longer for the next season, if there are really improvements. But since FS already announced that Weaves will still be considered as a reshuffled mode and the rewards are probably just recolored Hysh frames, I don’t have much hope. Sure, there will always be players who play it (also because there are many teams who simply know more exploits than FatShark can ever fix and are done with the 160 within a few days), but if that’s the final word, that would really be a shameful indictment for the developer (especially considering that it makes up the bulk of the biggest and most expensive DLC for the game). I really hope they will take their time and make it right, rather than letting WoM stand as the perkiest money grab for a difficulty level that it currently is.

Yeah. But I’d also like to know. I haven’t tried high level weaves because I don’t want my progress to reset, but if they stop with the seasons system (or just the resets) I might get to try them.

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Wondering the exact same thing. It’s a bit late isn’t it. I think we’ll see it pretty soon though. Hopefully with another 160 portrait as well.

Hopefully in the trashcan


Weaves don’t exist just like the Skaven.


Honestly, the entire content of WoM weaves needs a drastic overhaul.


Am genuinely curious if anyone from the balance team has completed 160 weaves.
weave 140 and 159 are flat out the worst experiences I’ve had playing this game.
Weaves need a drastic overhaul.



Though I’d add weaves 151 and 155 to the list of worst VT experiences of all time.


To hopefully answer the question OP asked,
in this link here - Weave 64 Xbox - Vermintide 2 / Vermintide 2 - Technical Support - Fatshark Forums (fatsharkgames.com) Julia states theres going to be a weaves patch in early June, and said “It’s my understanding you will have plenty of time to complete it once the patch is shipped, as we’re wary people will be seriously upset otherwise!”. So I’d likely guess 6 months?

Moreover, even Quickplay Weaves are now broken.

I already wrote a bug report about this. But the music (WoM theme music) does not play, only standard music.

To make matters worse, in Quickplay Weaves - the final arena always ends up on the recruit - although I launch it on Legend. Recruit Loot Boxes are also rewarded only.

Honestly, the entire content of WoM weaves needs a drastic overhaul.

Absolutely. I personally need bots in Ranked Weaves to get the pitiful ‘first 40 Weaves Frame’ and never come back to it in that Season anymore.

And also a privacy checkbox in my Quickplay Weaves game so that I can play peacefully.

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New weave seasons are always 4-6 months so expect season 5 any day this month or next month.

New weave seasons are always 4-6 months so expect season 5 any day this month or next month.

This didn’t age well.

Granted it may very well be better for the game at large to silently phase out weaves by simply not starting a new season, I personally wouldn’t mind to do this nonsense once per year… just so I can eat my words later on.

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People still do weaves?

I think it would be nice to know. Personally I’d swap the S1 challenges for those in the general tab, so casual weaves could se a resurgence, and I’d have no new seasons (or no new ranked challenges) as almost nobody seems to like them.

Edit: or maybe reuse the 4 ranked seasons they’ve had.

Uhh… yeah, where would that weave patch be?

Does it look like I work at Fatshark?
Ask them and stop necro’ing threads.

I was just trying to create some discussion. Not everything is about you. Didn’t you learn this in second grade?