When will Season 1 of the Weaves Officially Close?

I was just wondering if there’s an official word on when Season 1 will end? The Season 2 Blog Post says “Season 1 is going to end with Geheimnisnacht event to line up with Halloween, and Season 2 will start before the end of the year.”, but there’s some ambiguity around this. When will the exact date of the event be? Last year’s started October 18th, which by all means indicates the event should have started by now. Also, will the season end at the start of the event, or the end?

I ask because my group of 4 have been slogging through the weaves since they came out, and are unsure if we’ll be able to complete them in time. We’ve been dedicating as much time as we possibly can towards the weaves since their release, but with time zone differences, schedule differences, and us all having full time jobs, we’re lucky to be able to dump 5-8 hours a week into them. We’re currently on Weave 112, and it’d be extremely painful to lose most of that progress so close to our end goal.

I know this probably sounds almost like a personal request to extend the current weave season, and I know it’s always been planned for seasons to end after ~4 months, but with 120 weaves to complete, is it really practical to expect people to finish them all in that amount of time? You’re looking at having to complete ~1 weave per day. Considering most weaves after a point take at least an hour to finish, this is a considerable time investment. This is compounded by some weaves being quite unreasonable. Some don’t spawn enough enemies to beat them, and many have extremely strict time limits requiring optimization of the level. Some weaves even reliably crash our games. We spent a solid night and a half just getting through weave 94 without our host crashing.

This isn’t meant to be a complaint against the weaves themselves. Despite some frustration, we wouldn’t be working our way to 120 if we weren’t having fun. As a group, we’ve completed every pre-WoM challenge both V1 and V2 had to offer, but we’d always been able to take our time. We’ve spent the last 4 months playing almost nothing but the Weaves; we haven’t even touched Cataclysm. That level of time investment isn’t something we’re willing to replicate come Season 2, and if Season 2 isn’t coming for another month or so, why not extend Season 1 until it’s here?

If anything, we’d just like to know the actual day Season 1 will close, so we can plan our days accordingly. I’m fairly certain almost every game that has “seasons” like this is at least courteous enough to let the players know in advance when they will end. If I had to make a request, at least leave the weaves open through until the end of the Geheimnisnacht event. Thank you!


As far as i remember, you don’t have to worry about the challenges for Weave portrait frames being reset with the end of season 1. Even the Season 1 achievments (like playing 40 weaves with every class) are a bit improbable so they might be transfered to season 2, too. (this is distilled from the Fatshark reddit AMA early september)

Season 1 in all it’s aspects was not marginally a test of the whole season concept, and my guess is some aspects of how it works will change coming season 2 and going forward.

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I’m curious to see how big a portion of V2’s player base consistently plays weaves. I’ve had it for 3 weeks and it’s still an eyesore whenever i log in, my biggest problem with it being the resets and the weapons you make (to my understanding) doesn’t transfer over to the rest of the game.

why would i spend so much time grinding when all my progress gets reset and i can’t show off my newly acquired gear when I’m playing normal maps?

Well reset is not here anymore so you actually keep your invested aethenor, and your weapons.

For the “transfering part”, I don’t think you can get stats, but skins from weaves will be available in season 2 (probably a challenge like “max a weapon to get its weave skin”)

For now, if I remember well you go back to 40 or 80 as progress milestones. Which is a bit harsh considering than 80 to 120 is twice the “journey” because of the serious difficulty of the last 20 weaves.

That is true, forgot about that, yeah, the first 40 weaves will be instantly playable, but the later ones will be locked again. :confused:

I think I read somewhere that Season 2 will start AFTER Haloween event ends… and there will be big patch.

however i wish to know when this hallowen event will start, its alredy 22. October

It started on the 28th or 29th last year and went until Nov 4th.

“The seasonal event will be available for you to play between Oct 29th – Nov 4th”

In my opinion, it should be the entire month of Halloween. I’d kind like it I’d events were left in place until the next event like some MMOs do.

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If events were optional because sometimes the effects are really annoying. I dislike darkness parts in a map so having an entire map be dark is very annoying for me which is one reason why I dislike Weekly Challenges. Only event that I enjoyed was the One Last Drink map which I can still play.

These maps are nothing like the darkness event or darkness in the caves.

Here’s a screenshot,

The maps were beautiful. Unfortunately, I only got to play 3 of them due to work that week. Really hope these events last a lot longer. People have been asking for these maps back since this event last year. I even did a poll in which 100% of people wanted them back in rotation of some sort. I don’t think there’s one other thing on this forum that 100% of people agree on, but these maps were one. And locking them to 6 days a year is such a bloody waste…


Yea I remember the Halloween ones were alright when it came to lighting.

I think FS’s given reason of wanting to keep the magic through scarcity is completely correct of them… In the ideal world where they had more than like 3 several day events to rotate in an entire year.

They should really learn the art of compromise. Make them available all the time until there are enough seasonal events to justify time-locking them. And run each of them for a bare minimum of two weeks. We have other things in our lives FS, don’t make us miss yearly events because we had a busy week at work :frowning:


This would not solve the issue. Players would complain they do lock content that was out all the time before. Imagine them locking something you have right now behind a limited time event (A map, Weekly Events, or some others sort of challenge like Fortunes of War).

I’m just talking about stuff like the Halloween and skull throne events. It’s mostly most a hub change and a lighting change in maps. It honestly wouldn’t bother me at all if they were always available then put into seasonal rotation when there were more to go around.

I get your point though, it’d rub enough people the wrong way. There’s such a dearth of stuff at the moment it seems a waste to spread what there is so thin though.

I would welcome a most lenghty event though. This could partially solve the issue.

Yea, but there’s no reason the event can’t run at least the entire month of October. Or run it from Halloween until the Xmas event in mid December. I’d rather the maps were just left in rotation all the time with a 50/50 chance of getting them…


To be honest, I wouldn’t mind the seasonal events being at least longer than a week or 10 days. That’s really a relatively short window if it’s a busy time (and things like Halloween aren’t official holidays in most places, so no extra days free of work either). I’d say a window of two to three weeks would be nice, giving more time to accomplish whatever and when there are special decorations in the Keep and maps, to see them. Some of the challenges could relatively easily be adjusted to relative lengths, too.

But on the original topic, today’s patch notes mentioned that the Geheimnisnacht event is coming next week. It’s been stated earlier that Season end would coincide with that. Whether it’s the event’s start or end, I still can’t say, but now there’s a more clear window.

Yeah I really hope this event lasts for a few weeks or more. Aside from enjoying something different, a buddy is out of town for a bit and it’d be nice if they didn’t miss out on it because it’s too short.


Im hyped to see season 2…
For me Winds of magic expansion begins with season 2 (im glad i didnt overburned myself at season 1)
Season 1 was totaly unsecessary relase of unfinished product, they coud just beta it.

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