End of Season

Today, it was announced that Season 3 will end on Nov 8th, so 2 days from now.

I know that Weaves aren’t that popular, so this will probably not affect too many players, but please announce Season end dates 1-2 weeks in advance next time.

My friends and I still had a few Weave-related challenges on our ToDo list, but they will become unobtainable after the weekend. Please allow us to plan accordingly in the future by announcing the season end date a bit earlier. Thanks!

Edit: Seems like we have time until Dec 8th to get those last portrait frames. Thanks Fatshark!


Can you leave link about this announcement for me? I didn’t hear any news about End of season 3.

Hasn’t been posted in announcements here yet


That’s probably a good call regarding how they’re gonna define seasons, but oof also sounds a lot like we shouldn’t expect much to come with the start of season 4 other than Weave reset. I hope they actively communicate when stuff is coming a little better than they have been. Similar to what OP said about planning for weave completion, it’s nice to know when stuff is coming so those of us with a lot of work commitments etc can plan when to make time to play. I know they’ve been hurt in the past before by promising stuff too soon but I feel like there’s a better middle ground they’re still working towards in terms of communication.


I know that Weaves aren’t that popular

This is a very big problem. I wasted too much time, too many weekends lost in waiting and looking for “live” players for Ranked Weaves … and so little progress as result! Everything is so unpleasant.

Now it’s all over again, for the fourth time. Bloody hell.
I just need bots in Ranked Weaves to get crap frames without this torture.


There is a steam group with a lot of V2 players, it’s intention was to find parties for weaves but today there are ppl looking for everything. This is a link, available for 24h: Steam Community :: Chat Invitation

Hope it helps for the 4th season :wink:

But if I look at this post, that is just hidden somewhere and not even visible in the forums “Announcements” tab yet - while still being official, that says: weaves will end in 2 days (what is already a slap in the face for all of those who are still trying - even with that horrible “matchmaking” and continues:

The only consistent feature of a Season was the reset of Winds of Magic leaderboards, a reshuffle of the Weaves and fresh Portrait Frames for Weave challenges. Going forward, this will be the definition of a Season.

well, for me that’s pretty much the death blow for weaves.
In the end that means:

  • no new maps (which are reworked existing maps after all)
  • spawns will be the same
  • frames will be recolors of season 1 (or maybe season 2)

Well it was obvious that it will come out like this, bc it’s pretty much impossible to support 2 different game modes in the base game, develop new content, VERSUS and Darktide and still keep up quality. But hey " This isn’t a bad thing."


They should at least show us that they care weave. Obviously they abandoned it. There was only one party that cleared whole weave in 2 days on this season. That mean you should play weave 20 hours a day right now.

I personally think weave need rework. Separated progression problem is the most important thing. At least this should be adressed.

I’m worried about chaos wastes. If new contents are alike weave, they will be abandoned too.

I hope fatshark will care about players.


Hope it helps

No. I know all this, it won’t help. Really tired of wasting time for looking, waiting, tired of begging and so on. In addition, too negative experience with these people, because I have no goal to win “at any cost”.
Rather, if nothing changes, I just ignore this season - and all the others.


In my opinion, seasons should be 3 months long with a 2 week grace period inbetween each season.

This would give everyone who do play weaves ample amount of time to complete as many as they can without worrying about when FS will decide to end the season.

Because right now, the beginning and end of each season seem very unorganized and put together haphazardly.


I would go even further and say half a year, but you could slide this timer up as far as you want, if:

  • the matchmaking is bad (even if there are ways to organize yourself)
  • seasons have no defined start and end date (some people put things on the back burner if they don’t have a deadline, I think everyone knows from school… :wink:)

Maybe the best solution, weaves are already getting old and I bet player numbers will decrease even further in season 4 (not sure, the pool is already pretty small). And if you struggle that hard with finding other players and arrange with them, you should probably go solo in weaves or leave it completely as you said.

To add bots to ranked weaves is the worst solution for a “competetive environment” imho (even if it isn’t truly competetive) - sure they need to be fixed, for regular play and especially for Quick Play Weaves bc they are buggy as hell, but to make them viable for Ranked Weaves would require to make them over powered af, because higher weaves are pretty much “designed to be cheesed” and I think it’s hard to make bots that smart :sweat_smile: - I don’t like that design that much either, but that’s just how it is :neutral_face:

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6 months sounds good to me. Then you have enough time to find people and do the Weaves.
It is a very time consuming commitment anyway if you’re working and have a family (like me) and I’d like some time between Weaves to play the core game as well.

Alternatively just have the leader board and don’t give frames so I can ignore the mode completely. I’m not really a fan of timed rewards like that anyway. Real season, read repeating annually, would be something else. But this discussion has been done.

Player numbers are not going to increase. I’m currently not really motivated for weaves as well but I’ll power through because the last couple of weeks after S3 were the most fun I had since I picked the game up ~830hrs ago.

There are seperate leaderboards for 1-4 players so you could also have additional ones for 1-3 bots.

To circle back to the original post: Announcing that 3 days in advance is not ok imo. To finish weaves 1-120 took me around 80hrs playtime during season 2. And that’s just time ingame, not including looking for people. If you start at the beginning of the season and do them while also playing the normal game, an anouncement 1-2 months in advance gives you enough time for a final push. But not like this.


Indeed, good thoughts.

I also want to receive only frames from Seasons. Working so hard for the leaderboard is nonsense.

I would completely agree if a game with even one bot would no longer make it possible to get into the leaderboard.

There is still time and/or hope!


Yeah, just saw they edited their announcement in the meantime. That’s a good thing. Thanks FS for clarifying.
Glad I didn’t try to push 21 qp weaves in a day :wink: