When will we get weapons that Modifiers go over 380?

I have a genuine question or two. When will we get weapons that Modifiers go over 380? In other words, will we ever see weapons that Modifiers go over 80%? I’m curious because if we will never see weapons like that or if we will never see more than 80%, then it’s practically 100% for us. There is no reason to tell us it’s 80% but not 100% if our weapons stop at 80% and will never get to 100%. I’ve yet to see any logical reason or justification for this.

Does Fatshark have any plan to implement Veteran/Red equipments? If so, when will it be?


I’ll bet you they have plans in place but aren’t willing to open a discussion about them. The skill rework proves what many of us have suspected for a long time: that Darktide at its core is assembled from duct-taped replacements of the core systems they actually wanted to put into place, after a lot of mismanagement and a lot of spent time and money.

They’re gonna do something with it, but we don’t know what or when. All we know is that what we have is a predatory, frustrating, and enthusiasm-killing gulf between what we have and what we were told we were getting.


I kinda see this as being a bit of a false gain.

Sure you can increase the cap on the weapons, but then you have to go and rebalance the enemies to keep the challenge in line.

It is a bit weird admittedly having this 80% cap idea as the default level. Maybe it’s to encourage us to think that our weapons shouldn’t ever be “perfect”


Considering that the Crafting system wasn’t even fully available when this game released even after the release date was delayed 3 times, I speculate the development days were nothing but a mess. If they started Darktide as an Early Access title, the reputation of this game would be much more positive.

Honestly I don’t mind if they change the UI to display the current 80% as 100%, if rebalancing is going to be an issue. I just find that, the bars and numbers never going 100%, rubs me the wrong way. Very wrong way. Ah, my pet peeve.


I don’t get that. If a lot of people are frustrated over the game, and your game is at 55%. Wouldn’t you want to say something, anything, to excite people.


I’m with you :slight_smile: As a data bod, 100% is the best you can get. If you want to say 80% is 100%, then you’re just making people do unnecessary mental scaling!


Ahh! But if that 55% is only from a max of 80%, isn’t that better!? :smiley:


Of course. But for that to work out, they gotta be able to follow through on their promises and predict that they can.

I think Fatshark doesn’t have enough faith in their leadership not to screw them over in regards to what and when they can deliver.

Definitely. Bytes and bits of the code already hint at it, too.
Darktide will be totally lit at the same time next year. And better weapons will be a part of it.
The fact they even have the 100% as cap number and haven’t touched that is the ultimate tease they will do something with it. Just not yet.

I’m pretty sure the numbers are already calculated to work well with breakpoints and weapons reaching 100%.
Just read the patch notes, whenever they made a change. They gave the lowest and highest possible values for a weapon in each category it got changed.
I’m willing to bet all my Melkbucks that Fatshark devs internally test with 100% and 0% weapon attributes.

We just don’t get any of that goodness yet, because it’s not finished / ready to release / ready to talk about.

I have faith.

they don’t want to say something that players will like only to implement a system that people don’t like - again

What point is there in giving us an “extra” 20% on each weapon if the game is currently balanced around 80%. You just make the game easier. Until you then rebalance enemy health for 100%, at which point you may as well not have bothered?

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I think Mayson’s point is that right now it isnt balanced around 80% and it is balanced around 100%, which we currently can’t get, which is part of why weapon balance is such garbage.

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Bingo. Although I don’t think that those 20% extra on weapons such as accatran Recon Lasgun will make a big difference. Who knows, though.

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