All Modifiers 80%?

did anyone got a weapon with all modifiers at 80%?
because even with weapons at 380, you dont get all modifiers at 80%.

Nope. Because if they let you get all stats to 80%, you wouldn’t be able to discover the ‘hidden potential’ of the weapons. Certainly not if a stat could go above 80%.

Short answer… 380 is the current max. Expect this to change sometime in the future, making all your current efforts at getting gear pointless.


but is it confirmed somewhere?

i never received a weapon either melee or ranged with 381 or above.

also as now 380 is not all 80%, its RNG feast, as for a bolter for example i dont care about stability or reload speed, as much as damage and stopping power. dont know whats the reason behind it.

380 is the max, and 80% modifiers are the max. It is likely this will change but yes there’s a lot of RNG on top of RNG. Blessings, perks, locking, etc. We have been telling it to the devs for awhile, but, I don’t know if they will do anything about it.

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Finding such a weapon would be a blasphemous attempt at overthrowing the ineffable design, leading to chaos, misery, collapsing new world order and ruining everyone’s enjoyment of this fantastic game, resulting in premature heat death of the universe.

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Nah there’s obviously plans for bigger, I just think Fat Shark had to walk them back from the cliff with the current reception of the game. Imagine the backlash if they went ahead and did it, go ahead and toss your guns guys time to grind for new power! I assume they’re going to try to incorporate raising base stats on existing guns instead, but then again just about the opposite of anything logical has been their MO to today. Maybe the planned item obsolescence is their Winds of Magic-style wiping their tush with your rug for this game.

Closest I got was three 80, one 76 and one 56.
Was pretty pleased with that one. But honestly anything above 70 is going to be just fine.
The difference in actual stats between 70 and 80 seems to be like 1-5 dmg, or 0.05 atk speed or range etc.
I don’t think that is going to make too big of a difference.

The silly thing with the rng stuff is that a dmg blessing/perk rank 4 with a “bad” 60+ will most likely do more dmg than a 80 rolled with a rank 3 of the same blessing/perk.

I think they’ve designed it as such to kind of even everything out in order to give us the illusion of progression and always keeping the “perfect” weapon we want always out of reach, even though it might not even matter.

Just theorizing on my ogryn for a bit.
70-80 adds at best 5 dmg on the high dmg melee weapons or 10ish on the 1000+ ranged weapons i believe.

Dmg perks adds 5% dmg per rank.
Thats +50 dmg on a 1000 weapon and +11 on higher end melee weapons I think.
Stats will help on all enemies instead on focused ones, but odds are you will want more dmg on specific enemies rather than all of them.

Why? Well many weapons seem to be specific for one type of enemy anyway, so you might as well play to its strengths by focusing your dmg against that enemy or what your role is with that weapon/class.

Soo idk, I could be completely wrong and out of my straight jacket… But I feel like focusing on the rank 4 perk and blessing you want is probably more important or beneficial.

380 maxes out with 20% missing in total. Design-wise this makes the weapons of the same class a little more varied so you might want to hold on to more than one.

Of course, currently, there is usually 1 dump stat on the weapon, ammo on ranged (if the weapon has it), or mobility for melee. These are usually only QoL attributes depending on the weapon.

It cannot exist currently. Just do the math.
At most you get a 380 weapon (unless you are one of the lucky few where itemization glitches out, some people reported getting a 385 base rating weapon).

Every weapon has 5 stats.
5 x 80 = 400
Since the highest roll result you can get is 380, that means you can at most get a weapon with 4 x 80 attributes and 1 x 60 attribute. This is assuming perfect stat allocation, which very seldomly occures.

TL;DR: No, currently impossible.


Every report I’ve seen of this is due to rounding errors and the stat total is 380 in reality. If you’ve seen any with legitimately over 380 total that’s rather interesting and I’d appreciate it if you could link or post pictures.

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Just going by what others said in the forum. I personally never encountered it. And so far I only had one singular 380 roll, too.

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The design intent rears its ugly head again.


sadly yes.

i have lot of 380 weapons, but mostly their 80% are on modifiers that are not much necessary for the weapon.

I’ve seen a few screenshots, but all of them have some bugged numbers, so it’s hard to tell what is true and not. I think I saw this 1 screenshot (Chinese?) with numbers that added up and a total modifier of 385 or so. Pretty sure it was posted on Reddit some time in January.

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