Weapon stats should never be ALL 100%

I don’t know what’s the deal with the current 80% limit on weapon stats, but if they fix this, and stats could actually go above 80%, they should never make it possible to obtain a weapon with all stats at 100%, it basically makes the whole system pointless, I like the idea of a weapon having (for example) more damage but less ammo, this way you can pick and choose what stats you value more, or in some cases, some stats provide such an insignificant buff/nerf to the values associated with them, that you might even hope for a weapon with 0% on that stat.


I suspect that’s the current design philosophy, but since Vermintide had perfect weapons you can bet folks will rage if 100% weapons on all modifiers isn’t a thing.


But that would just nullify the whole idea of the stats, I understand if people ask for perfect rolls on traits and the passive bonuses, but the stats should never be perfect, at least that’s what I believe to be the only way to make the stats system mean something when you reach the end-endgame.

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I would say if they make it more then 80% a good system would be give us 30-40 slots and a % level tokens we can earn in heresy or damnation.
Each one give 1% of any stat to the weapon but max of 30-40 per weapon.
Then you can really personalise your weapons.

Sure, but more weapons should have a functional roll of stats. Like bolter I can easily argue down for even a 320 power one if your poor stats are reload time and stagger. But losing a dodge on a 3 or 4 dodge weapon is awful, along with a weapon with a strong cleave having a poor cleave stat so it is functionally broken.

Autoguns are also way too dependent on a high roll to be usable, since your Emperor Gift one with 43% stability will be completely unusable outside of veteran ult.

Something rough about the system is you can see on a lot of the modifiers on the weapon details page is that 50% is the average functionality for the weapon, but while they can roll a modifier below 10%, they can’t go over 80%. So you have a better chance of getting a bricked stat than an exceptional one. Hopefully they add in methods of boosting modifier scores at some point.

One might as well say that the 100% system is pointless if it is not possible to have an item that has all stats at 100%.
Why should we not be able to have a “perfect” weapon of a specific type? The different weapon types are still different from each other, offering different attack patterns, speed, ammo capacity and so on.

Your argument comes purely from emotion and a premise that you made up.


Don’t be so emotional.

So what you’re trying to say is that 80% should be the new 100%? Then why even have a maximum number if it can never be reached?


The best solution would be if all weapons spawned had 400 (= 5 x 80) points to distribute, but values of the bars could go as high as 100. That way all weapons are unique and have their pros / cons, but they’ll still be roughly equal in quality. One has more damage but less ammo, one has a bit more mobility but more kickback, etc…

This way there’s the RNG the devs seem to have such a hard one for, but less dependance on RNG to get something good.


To have Red rarity items in the future with specific stats over 80% (but not all) or for a crafting feature in the future where you can boost stats on an item once, that would be cool. The choice between boosting a single stat by 20% or 2 stats by 15% etc.

Anyway, I’m sure FS has already some plans for 80%+ items.

I don’t know if you know, but a weapon having 100% damage doesn’t mean it hits harder than any other weapon having 99% damage, it means it has the highest possible roll for that specific weapon.

I do want and expect weapons to be all 100%, if I get a kantrael mg XII, I want that to kill elites and single targets, and I expect it to be 100%, I won’t pick that weapon for hordes, so makes no sense to have another variant of it with… uh, higher ROF and ammo? I guess?

IF you get a weapon that’s good against everything, like the current iteration of the boltgun, that’s a different issue, that’s not balanced at all, but has nothing to do with stats being 100% or 75%.

I want the game to be challenging when I have perfect gear, so it ends up being on my skill whether I complete missions/challenges or not.

I don’t want a game balanced around weapon stats, because these games have ALWAYS been about breakpoints, so most stats become useless if you don’t reach said breakpoints, or if you overshoot them.

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I agree with this, I want weapons to be varied instead of having a “holy grail” of weapons.
Of course there are some stats better than others on each weapon so there will still be a “holy grail” since there will be an optimal stat choice for each type. It just feels more organic and interesting by having to make choices. If you can make the perfect weapon for everything then there is no choice.

Red Weapons in V2 worked well because that just ensured that the stats be maxed, but I still had to get the right ones, with time and resources I could make it as such. But a weapon having 100% on all it’s 5 stats is just automatically done on that regard. I think you can make a weapon “Blessed by the emperor” which grants highest possible stats, with some of the 5 stats being 100% then you can craft and reroll which stats are maxed and which are not.

I like RNG though, with limitations obviously, too much is by definition too much. I don’t personally like deterministic since that makes everything into a chore. You should be able to influence it and have a bad luck protection system, but there still has to be some RNG.

A weapon with max stats isn’t the best in all regards. Every mk variant has a different attack pattern, and different weapon types have a different spread of attributes like cleave or penetration. Crafting should definitely have a feature to bring items to 100% in every stat. It would be absolutely ridiculous if it didn’t.

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Hard disagree. All 100 weapons should exist. It’s not like they’ll be overpowered, they’ll just be at their maximum potential. They designed the effect ranges for each stat to the point where an all 100 weapon would really just feel really nice to play, not be OP.

That last .1 sprint speed and .1 first target damage isnt going to break the game.

Id say make it a gradual upgrade system to increase the bars up to 100. At all 100s weapon is red and is labeled master crafted.

Hell, make the resource for the last upgrades from 80 onwards only drop from damnation. Now people have a reason to do higher difficulties for gear.


adding a masterwork buff? increase a stat to 90%.

for example
Damage Blessing: Increases Damage to 90%
Mobility Blessing: Increases Handling & Mobility to 90%
Sniper Blessing: Increases Ammo & Stopping Power to 90%

and so on.

Then why does 100% exist?

Your reasoning just makes 90 be the real 100%, and makes the numbers rather inaccurate.

There’s no logical reason for a particular weapon to not be able to get perfected.

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i would rather a 100%, but dont think the devs want it.

so lets negotiate for 90% atleast.

I also dont want another Destiny 2 RNG.

Good, stats in these games are super unnecessary. Loot isn’t interesting enough to justify a system so focused on grinding for better gear.

Getting a weapon that lets you ignore the store casino would be great. I’d even be fine with them being locked behind a (purposeful) grind themselves, like relic weapons in ff14 or something.

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I think 100% stats is gonna b good, cuz the game itself is ridiculously tough on threat lvl5. So it would only seem fair if your character would actually feel more powerful