When will the exploits in "Convocation of Decay" and "The Pit" be fixed?

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The topic is about Legend and Cata + your last point was about Cata not being rewarding which my reply was aiming at.
I guess you dont read your own posts then?

I ask a nerf for a specific challenge in cata, not a nerf in general in cata. You can actually keep the same difficulty for the end event while nerfing the amount of the aoe specials for example, which does not nerf the amount of specials to handle but does make the challenge more doable. It’s really specific.
Also making cata more rewarding is not a “nerf to cata”

I dont find Convocation of Decay being overly difficult.
You do know that you dont have to stand on the platform all the time right?
You can activate it once and it will run out by itself, you standing on the ritual is just speeding up the process.
I would argue that the specials are specifially made for the purpose of forcing you OFF the platform that’s what they are intended to do.

I see this discussion going on for a long time now about Cata having rewards, I mean i don’t care for rewards really, the challenge is enough rewarding for me but I see where people are coming from with this request.

In the challenge you actually do.

The end event nerf was asked for legend.
The end event challenge nerf (or rather “change”) was indeed asked for cata.

Well if you don’t care for rewards, some do care for them, so adding them shouldn’t be something terrible for you.

No, you need to stand on it until one of the three sorcerers go boom. They are checkpoints and one reason why this map is more challenging if you are last man standing. Spawns doesn’t stop until after ritual is disrupted and ritual keeps going until you reached all three checkpoints.

Hm, this is particularly interesting. I’m from Europe and my experience is kinda contrasting this. Playing Legend at least every second CoD game knows about the exploit because they actively ask to do it the exploit way. And from there it spreads further. On Cataclysm, people don’t use the exploit so I I just assume that they know.
But yea, i’m pretty sure that the majority of Legend player know about the exploit. As for skipping. In what way? By not chosing it? Because suiciding is not an option. And at least every time I joined the map the people tried to beat it. Can’t remember anyone leaving at the beginning as you could see for Blightreaper or similar maps.

Also in answer to another thread. I agree that it is okay to disagree sometimes. The question for reward for Cataclysm or similar is in the end a pure design philosophy and both views have their merits. Past experiences makes me believe that rewards will harm the game as it sets “wrong” incentives.

Nobody is asking for overtuned finales. But people are asking for not nerfing finales in knee-jerk reactions because the community is to lazy to figure out ways to beat the finales because “meta” doesn’t work or you need actual teamwork and can’t yolo everything. Best example is Fort Brachsenbrücke which gets a lot easier if you a.) bring a shotgun and b.) move as team to the cannon ball OR send the stealth character with concentration potion. I think it is fair to ask the community to grow up to the “challenge” because most finales are not as hard as people claim. But yea, there are of course easier finales (Hunger in the Dark, Into the Nest) and more difficult finales (Old Haunts) which is a good thing. Now that I think about. I haven’t seen anyone skipping on Old Haunts either.

In recent days I rarely see skips for maps. Maybe it has to do that I join by lobby browser if I have no quickplay quest. Also interesting that we get the famous Skittergate arguement. Because I think the issue was always the length and not how hard the map was. Even when it was the difficult, it only shows that the community can be bribed to accept harder finales. So if Fatshark “has to” make a choice I say spam people with loot dices but let the finales stay untouched.

Decay end event on cata has been heavily nerfed, if you get in trouble splitting the team helps a lot, play 2+2, we’ve done this for Decay HFBS deeds. 2 can drop down and kite around trying to pull as much as possible Going alone is risky if you get unlucky with a disabler. I only play premade teams though. Random QP cata must be torture if it’s as bad as QP legend used to be, on average legend is much easier to do with bots aka 4 bodyguards. I have never even qued cata qp.

lol what. cata QP is absolutely fine