How to fix cataclysm

How to fix cataclysm in 1 easy step

Move cataclysm outside of the WoM DLC so that we can uncheck the DLC in steam and then play it without beastmen. Sorted.


Not only the endgame is locked behind a “pay-wall”, but every players must have the DLC… not only the host. The community is terribly fragmented.

Currently I would try Cataclysm more often… but my friends haven’t the DLC and QP is more or less dead.


Seems to be the standard for the new “content” of WoM.



Someone died to often and went hollow.
There is alot of players right now. About 2k more than usual. At no time of the day do I have a probem to find a game via QP. People die, alot, to pretty much everything since they still need to relearn the game after cheesing the crap out of it with dodge dancing.

In the last couple of days I hosted a lot of Legend lobbies to level up my neglegted heroes and had no trouble to finish eight of ten games succesfully. There always was atleast one, sometimes two that were pretty much constantly dead to nothing but standard waves, not even Beastman ones. There always was atleast one other player that know how to play, which was enough to carry the rest, or more like clap the others backs constantly throughout the maps.

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The only bad thing about Beastman on cata are the damned pockes you get from out of nowhere through a wall of darkness. The little bastards hurt like a truck and you cant even see them. They also duck before doing their running attack, which reaches through the front rankes without a problem, so you wouldnt even hit them even if you aim at their head hight.
The Banner guy and the Bestigor are both really nice additions to the game. If they would fix the damn pockes through multible layers of frontline units, Beastman would feel a lot more fair and balanced across the board. Other races also have those overhead attacks that just reach through three rows of slaves/fanatics, but the guys doing those are twice the size of the mobs they try to reach through, so you actually can activly dodge, block, stagger, or kill them.

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I’ve been avoiding Cataclysm the past couple of days because I just find the Beastmen annoying at this point. In Quickplay I’ve gotten quite a few hosts that do not own the DLC. Those games are much easier than any game with Beastmen in it. But of course we already knew that and are just beating a dead horse until they put out a patch that fixes their behaviors and tweaks their hordes.

Given that I’ve been in this cata queue for 20 minutes without this lobby filling up. I’m prone to doubt you.

This queue time is going to get worse, not better. As the population starts to thin down again


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