When no mans sky has 10X your current players

what a strange messed up world we live in! right now 2k in v2 and 22k in no mans sky.

but have to say props to the no mans sky guys for hanging in there

and it goes to show no such thing as dead in modern PC gaming , so FS still hope yet if you actually start on some serious balancing /bug fixing !


Are we really at that point where we praise NMS … ?

Yeah I just logged in for the first time in two weeks. Had four lobbies going near me. Something like 20 lobbies worldwide. Most of them half full. Roadmap has been down since I first noticed it’s existence. What’s killing it? That deserves a post itself.

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Likely a combination of existing players being sick of the bugs/bs or having finished the content to their satisfaction and potential buyers being turned off by the combination of the price + the relatively negative (for a majorly hyped game like this) user rating accompanied by detailed reviews pointing out why people should steer clear and for how long. Putting myself in the shoes of the average consumer, I’d have second thoughts at this juncture. Hopefully they can turn things around.


Kind of a pointless comparison considering NMS just released a huge update that adds some huge new features…

is vt2 really only at 2k players?

That’s harsh. I cannot say I’m surprised as it’s just been too long for big bug fixes and big changes to RNG to be launched.

I am, however gutted it’s bombed so fast. Hopefully the rumoured bugfix patch will rejuvenate some of the losses.


Reintroducing the same bugs every two patches, especially when those bugs are silent specials and phantom hits, plus no new maps , Devs not caring for their own bug forum and stuff like pic related kill pretty much any game:

I dont even see why I should bother trying to do dailies when its almost always the same, smooth group, random DC, doesnt matter if you are host or not.
Note: the curse reduction bug IS STILL NOT FIXED!

The irony is that NMS started in the state VT2 is right now and rightfully got shat on for it.


to be fair it was 2.2k i rounded off , and it was while i was drinking my first coffee so most of the US should of been sleeping but still… nomans sky had almost 23k!

i know not fair comparison at all , but i think a very funny one. what i find really worrying is this

its a top 100 on steam list

  1. dota2 -326k
  2. farcry 5 - 3.5k
  3. civ 6 - 12.3k
  4. CS – 157k
  5. Rocket league --20k
    6. vermintide 2 --2.7k
  6. Warframe --70k in game

again really unfair comparisons , but the game sold over a million copies in something like 5 weeks but it has nothing like the players of any other online multiplayer game , its down lower than a story based game that you play through and are basically done.

it has a really bad retention issue, i think the fundamental issues are in the gamelay , they made a competitive frustrating game to play and people are just not sticking around. i think it goes way past just bugs and loot system issues.

if it hadnt sold so well ironically it wouldnt be so worrying but its clear its just not meeting expectations. i blame the range meta :wink:

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Improve hit detection and server connections (and god damn fix rats stacking in place and getting into your hitbox when they vault over a wall) and melee would be way more satisfying.
As it is, every special is dangerous in melee and best dealt with at range :man_shrugging:

Love this thread. I can’t say how many times I’ve had ignorant people arguing with me about there being a large enough playerbase. Legend is SUPER barren unless peak times. Fact.

I mean what’s really sad to me is that more people still play Diablo 2 regularly than this game. Probably shouldn’t have sold us a beta as a full game.
In fact Fatshark should fire their marketing rep and head of development for not having the bright idea to just make an amazing, large expansion to VT1. Then they would have double the content for those ‘new players’ they wanted to attract to this lifeless reskin of a game with new maps, annoying new bosses which are poorly thought out, some slightly revamped combat mechanics, shitty cosmetics, and a pathetic attempt at a character building aspect.
Hell, they’d even make more money if they sold it as a 30 dollar expansion pack since it’d require you buy the first game.
I’d probably be a lot happier for it too because then I wouldn’t be judging it as a standalone game.

But that just a bundle of opinions and speculation on my part. Life would be dull if I didn’t fantasize about being the game developer for every game I played.

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Nearly every post of you is something “bad” about V2.
It´s ok that you´ve got your opinion. But i really have to asked…

Are you that peed off and maybe just need to take a break and come back later with a smoother mood?

I mean… it´s your choice whatever you do… but if I would play a game in a freetime that “OIashfhsfiuhfilusfjkfjkasjflajkjgsf me out of nowhere”, i would quit… to much stress for that lovely important freetime…

Yeah I get a lot of people saying I say bad things about the game. It’s definitely true. Oddly enough they never have anything to say about the subject at hand and instead repeat a version of the mantra, “Love it or leave it!”

I remember having these same discussions with Fortnite fanboys when I still had hope that, that game was going to be fun.

But hey! Fortnite at least made a big success by making a free battle royale version of the game and are able to float on cosmetic revenue and hype. That was good enough of a move to distract people from how terrible the basegame was and the fact that we weren’t delivered any promises.

Part of what I enjoy about gaming and gaming communities though is debating people online about the good bad and the ugly of a game at hand. This game has better fighting mechanics in my opinion, something about the combat feels less stiff and more satisfying to me than VT1. However you’re not gonna catch me raving about this. The UI looks WAY better than it did in VT1 in my opinion. The career paths are pretty cool despite being very unbalanced and super rudimentary. Though I’d rather have em than not and I can’t expect them to add in a Skill Tree even 1/10th as detailed as the ones in games like Path of Exile, Diablo, Torchlight, ect. The lootbox upgrade system I actually do enjoy more than the dice of VT1.
Doe this suffice? There might be one or two other things that I really enjoy in this game over VT1. That still doesn’t change the fact this is a bug forum and they made basically what could have been an amazing expansion/dlc pack into a disappointing standalone game that still has major problems from the last one. All the while it doesn’t have lore pages, beastiary is a mod, numeric ai is a mod, bots are still braindead, you still get weapons with traits that don’t work for them, and have you seen this thread?

Not to mention this thread is about how abysmally low the playerbase is.

Point is that there is a lot of bad and ugly in this game. It’s the same deal with it always seeming like there is only bad stuff in the news. People don’t comment as much on the stuff that works.

Don´t get me wrong… i do know about the state of the game and it´s bugs etc.
I just wanted to take care for yourself. Don´t kill your game experience / fun with raging over some lil issues.
If you enjoy discussing about “bad” things in V2, that´s fine.

I´m pretty fine with that game like it is. I know a lot of ppl here miss some things, but it´s a lot of fun for a low prize. Atleast it´s always the same. A game got hyped, some issues came (bugs, no endgame motivation etc.) and the playerbase fall hard, but actually it´s about 5k overall so… still better than V1 and i find my games. ^^

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Yeah that’s certainly respectable.
Despite all the negative stuff I have to say about it I still love playing it. (most of the time). I’ve put in nearing 500 hours and I don’t plan on stopping yet. The bugs that are in the game honestly don’t bug me that much. Things such as talents not working right, Zealot being gamebreaking atm, ect. Those don’t much get to me.
What does really sour my mood is missing peak hours or just having really bad luck with finding matches and having to play with bots a lot. I’d definitely say bots and quickplay are the two biggest and most consistent aggravations for me. The rest is mostly disappoint and speculation about what I wish the developers would have done.
I trust Fatshark to fix the bugs with talents and such eventually. Cosmetics will come eventually and hopefully get better. They are gonna monetize those hard but God knows they must need the money.
However history would show it is foolish to trust them with programming their own bots. Which doesn’t help the salty wound that gives me considering there is a mod that makes the bots so much more tolerable and it simply isn’t sanctioned.
I don’t trust them to remove Quickplay Bonus unless people make a big enough ruckus about it. It’s such a slight thing that not many people much care about. Even I know it’s a slight thing. It’s the inescapable thought of, “This run would be just that lil bit more worth it to complete if I were playing quickplay…” that really gets to me.

I’m still here since beta, and still playing a lot. I main Sienna Unchained and enjoy changing to dwarf Veteran for the 2h-axe-to-the-face combat. I loved playing Kruber Huntsman prior to the Great Huntsman Nuke™ but have dropped off him as the Ult colour saturation problem is getting a bit too much for me. I haven’t really got to grips with elf at all.

In earlier days there were several people who were foaming at the mouth within weeks of launch because of the bugs and missing cosmetics etc. Some really nasty vitriolic posts actually. I’m glad those people are gone and “lost a customer!” doesn’t bother me too much when they’re such arses. I guess it might bother FS that they’ve lost their player base.

Next big patch that fixes bugs and balance we’ll see a whole slew of those idiots come back, play for a week then post some seriously nasty things about “Where ARE mY hAtS! I am NEVER buying another thing FS UNtil I get free hats for you being so baaad!” Not looknig forward to those pillocks being here once the patch hits but still.

Although I have my frustrations (not knowing which talents actually work is my latest thing I’m fed up with) I can see that a couple of big bugs at launch completely ruined FS’ plans as putting that right cost maybe 12 weeks work. They had other things planned for that 12 weeks and so to Roadmap was removed etc.

I’m here to stay really. I like the combat and don’t play so often that I’m thoroughly fed up with the maps, although some of them are getting a bit stale. I’m not particularly bothered about cosmetics, as I’d rather see some much better runic weapon skins - as I actually look at them while I’m playing.

As something entirely selfish, I am looking forward to seeing the map editor, and seeing what people make. Bugs/Cosmetics/DLC are all planned of course, but you can’t plan for someone to make a brilliant map out of the blue.

I really really really want to try her, because the concept of Unchained sounds nice, an actual battle mage, but I have absolutely no desire to slog through on her other two careers.

Nearly everything he said about the game is true. Doesn’t stop me playing it. Fatshark have the luxury of there being no decent competition.

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The reason is a mix of not launching the game as a early access title on steam, (at a lower price) the bugs and other issues would of been glossed over with the line “it’s not finished yet”. Secondly is the console release, what should of happened in my humble opinion. Is that PC development should of never died down, until there was a game, with a full price games worth of content. I live in the UK so that would be game £22 plus 20-30 pounds worth of DLC. Then just give the console crowd the whole shebang, at a higher price.

It doesn’t surprise me in the least. Ignoring the lack of communication with the community (and if they do, they will focus on reddit and not on the official forums because… I don’t know anymore, honestly), just hop into any other game, even EA titles, and you’ll see the reason. VT2 is an absolutely stellar experience if everything runs as it should, even ignoring mind-bogglingly daft design decisions like the focus on RNG (even though they had things figured out pretty well in VT1). But you just get tired of the same bugs being re-introduced over and over and over and over again, the game just dropping you for no reason, backend errors, sliding enemies, being hit through your block, silent patrols, silent specials, all these absolutely amateur-level flaws they just cannot get rid of consistently. Play a round of VT2, then hop into Deep Rock Galactic and you’ll see what I mean. Game is in EA right now and still runs alot smoother and is alot less bug-ridden than VT2. Also, while the game does look very good, it does not warrant it being such a ridicilous resource-hog. I can run Unity-Engine games on Max settings with almost 90 fps on my rig, but VT2, I can hardly get 60 consistently with LOWEST settings and will still have drops into single digits sometimes when Sienna wiggles the beam or… I don’t know, when the game feels like it I guess. The game has so much potential, but it does get kinda ruined by the amateurish execution. I mean, I still play it every now and then, I am willing to look past all this. A majority of customers will not, however, and they won’t rightfully so. In the year 2018, it shouldn’t be like that tbh.


Really well said, duder.