Anyone still alive in here?

less than 10k players.


Just bones.


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still holding on XD

The community says a lot of things, but the poor player retention speaks for itself.

Personally I’m just waiting for new content and crafting.

But this game needs some kind of soft relaunch if it is to recapture its full player base potential, people wont come back for something small.

And then to keep a lot of people playing the game after that it will probably need something like procedural maps of some kind, modular blocks of map that snap together like chaos wastes or warframe and have different environmental effects, actually a very suitable thing for a hive city the size of a continent.
Which is something I don’t really get why they didn’t do, even VT2 has player retention issues, all tide games do. It’s surprising they didn’t try to improve on that.

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Too busy playing the game.

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I’ve been playing Subnautica. A feature-complete game which got updated content from the sequel put into it as of December for their 2.0 update… while FatShark was on vacation.

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Nobody here but us trees.

If you get ignored it does not mean there is nobody here.