9000 players online

Hate to say it but soon will be 3000, its already hard to find damnation matches during peak hrs in US server and its gonna keep getting harder. fatshark reaped their first wave money through scammy beta and premium store, now they are going to see their diminishing return, and they can’t keep up. I guess the management decided that releasing the game sooner and fixing it later makes better money than releasing it a year from now? So was it worth it? Did you guys meet the investors requirements? How can you come back in a year time with just a few thounds players left and puny updates??


Mid of the day in EU while poeple are at work or eating. Pretty much in the morning in US where poeple either prepare for work or still sleep. Not to mention a lot play on gamepass. On top it´s a niche game as its predecessor anyway, but already more successful comparing steamcharts. And it didn´t had “a scammy premium store” at release and poeple dropped the game fast, because hey… it´s niche.
Just give them some time to fix stuff and to release more content srsly…


Wrong. If you want a realistic comparison see how the relation is to other games. And if you take that into account Darktide is dieing fast tbh. It’s about to be overtaken bei Vermintide 2 at this pace.


I wonder what your response will be to these numbers.


Yep, it’s going below VT2 in a few weeks. Deservedly so, because FatShark have crapped the bed in so many ways with this release.


Just check out the steamcharts of Vermintide 2 overall. Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Steam Charts

It got released with 30k average, dropped to 12k average within the first month and 5 the second. If i remember correctly we got some patch then which brought an ~1000 ppl back, but then the game dropped even harder, no matter the first DLC release.
Overall the game had about ~3,5 k players average with some jumps in between for a week or so when new content got released.

And the numbers you see right now are the gift of a 2nd lifecycle. The game went out for free, there have been an average of 26k players in November last year, which dropped hard once again.

On the other hand we´ve Darktide, which didn´t drop that hard yet and still has a bunch of players on gamepass aswell. Warhammer 40,000: Darktide - Steam Charts

So what does those numbers say? It´s a niche game series for multiple reasons and it doesn´t have much to do with how the game performs or what´s wrong with one or another features, which is mostly opinion-based anyway.
They´re pure PvE games which don´t attract every player. On top there is a skill-ceiling gameplay without many rewards but the gameplay itself. The content is limited aswell and not everyone is a fan of the Warhammer-series.


Funny how you focus on Vermintide and use the free release as an argument but ignore DRG, an even more niche game, without a hallmark famous IP tacked onto it, having almost double the player count.

I mean I expected some form of cope as an answer but yours takes the cake. The game is out a little over 30 days and already dipped this hard, for a coop game that markets itself as a “live service” game this is beyond embarassing. Especially with 40k attached to it. You can downplay that however much you like, but slapping 40k onto something is basically a free sales boost through fanboys.


I´ve argued with Vermintide in comparison from beginning and you chose it as argument aswell so what? Funny you want to change the direction, because you´ve no counterarguments against obvious numbers?

I haven´t played DRG, so i can´t say much about it. But from what i´ve heard or read it has a bunch of random generated maps and relies more on crafting. On top a real endgame experience. So of course it offers more variety at some point and has way more long-time progress.

And payday… like common. This game offers so much more in any direction, not even taking content itself into account.

As i´ve said, the tide-series is a niche series as long as FS won´t go the mainstream-route like other games did. And i clearly hope they won´t.
I would even go so far to say that they fkd up their own DT numbers with the 2nd lifecycle of V2. Why should players even bother with DT, when they got a similar game for free, unless they´re hard 40k fans?!

EDIT: Also, not everyone is buying everything because there is a 40k brand or something. You could argue the same way with Warhammer Fantasy, but yet Total War Warhammer is way more popular than Vermintide. So where are all those tryhard fans?!


4 player coop is a niche, but PD2 shows that it doesnt have to be a wasteland.

50000 people playing is a huge amount. How did they manage to grow that player pool?

Updates, Updates, Updates, Updates, Updates, more Updates, Free stuff, Updates, Updates, Updates. Did you blink? Another three Updates! Ontop of that, the game is fully moddable.

And all that without milking whales.

Fatshark is so unbelievably bad at bringing Updates to a game that it is laughable. I really hope that the holiday break did not kill the weekly patch for good. Darktide really needs those.


People probably waiting on January patch to fix a bunch of issues crashes and add some content. We will see I suppose.

I would have given them time if they released as F2P or early access or straight up delayed the game another year. This is not a finished product and since release we’ve been given two weapons, two crafting options and one map condition, all of which were supposed to be in game on release.

I’m almost astonished you didn’t go for “it’s right after the holidays and people started going to work/school.” excuse.

At least we’re past the “it’s a helpless wittle indie devewoper” and “games are difficult to make”. Kudos on moving on from that point at least.


imaging ghost ship got the 40k license instead of fatshark lol, some studio is just more competent than the others

aqshy already acknowledged that the next will be a small update on reddit but I mean even enable shop reroll and unlock all perks reroll and increase better item percentage is huge at this point because it allows ppl to obtain more builds and start to play more classes which allows them to spend more time in the game HEALTHILY and potentially be more happy and higher chance to buy their skins, averagely competent players in DRG master at least 2 classes and regularly switch between at least 3 when the team needed. I hope fatshark management is smart enough to see this, I really do.



Atm it feels a bit too grindy for me to be honest

How is bundles that are either too small or too large that ultimately results in over spending real money not scammy? please enlighten me. But I guess you probably havent spent any money to buy skins yet to know this which is good! yeah screw me for not having purchasing discipline.

way too unreasonable for 99.99% of us, if they don’t do something about this in the next “small” update I don’t now when they will then:(

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All we can do is wait and see.

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They need to make huge changes and quick it may already be too late imop
cash shop would not of been a thing even if we could craft items brake down items into crafting mats chose the mission i wanted to run when i wanted to run it. I bet the cash should would of done way better if the game had that over what we have now. im not spending a cent till i see if this game will be dead by the end of jan 2023. It is a shame game could of been Great

lfd2 is at 55k in game right now lol DT is at 10k after 1 month


Would argue with that. Here in EU most people who are working people still are on holiday. As every year after new year. This is how europeans roll. (dunno about other regions) But most people still use up their remaining holidays from the previous year.
Andcalling a tide game a niche game is also not correct. Darktide has already a huge backwind with the popularity of Vermintide. And it got even more wind in the sails from the 40K theme. This game was destined for success. Except they f* up something big time.
So as others pointed out, it is already reaching the player count of Vermintide is very very unpleasant


Well to be fair, payday has also an astonishingly big amount of payed content to the game. Which if you want to buy now…would cost you hundreds of euros.
But agree that at least they are still shoveling content into it. And it was also an already finished game when they launched.

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Imagine if FS had tried to emulate the models of successful games like Payday 2 or Deep Rock. Incredible longevity AND a steady stream of money.

Instead, they’re almost certainly gonna pull the plug in a couple years a la WotR/WotV.