When can we expect a sale on V1 PS4

Hello! I was just wondering when we can expect a sale on the versions with more content in them, I really want to play v1 but it’s a bit pricey.

Even if its not meant to be for me in personal this question sounds a bit inappropriate .

Im not familiar with the pay System for publisher if they get payt by number of sold copys or if (the more likly way) they get Profit sharing by the store the game is sold.

FS is a smaller company that got bills to pay, sure its cool to save some money but i dont know if it would be a smart move if they get ppl to know when they can get a Discount (smaller income for them) on thier product.

I mean what kind of answer you expect when you go to a store and say “hi i want to buy youre product but not for the Price you Think its Worth it”. Sure we got a older game here that allready got a Sequel but its always up to the maker to decide to lower the price (thier income ).
Just my opinion maby you get youre answer . Im not capable to speak for FS .

It’s not like I demanded a sale lmao, I’ve seen the ultimate version on sale before but couldn’t buy it at the time so I was just ASKING if they know when we might get a sale on it again. : )) ) ) ) ) )

We’re not able to discuss when sales begin on the different stores. Almost always they’re confidential until they begin.

Alright, thanks for the reply! :slight_smile:

in all honesty the game and the dlc is all worth the full price. old game and all this game is worth it, imo.

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