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I’ve been playing vermintide 2 on console for a couple years now, and by far my favorite outfit in the game is the longcoat for salty. After asking many people (because I couldn’t find an answer online, along with other limited access/time only cosmetics), I was told I need vermintide 1 ultimate edition to unlock this cosmetic. I’ve been checking everyday for almost a year now and there has been no discounts for the base game or ultimate edition on the PlayStation store. This is doubly frustrating when my pc friends tell me it receives occasional discounts on steam. I really don’t want to pay $50 for an outfit and a game I’ll rarely play because I play vermintide 2. Is this solely dev decisions on discount, or if it’s steam/ps store that are deciding these discounts? If it is at possible to receive a discount for vermintide 1 on PlayStation, that would be amazing! And since I’ve only been told by other players that I need the ultimate edition of vermintide 1 to receive the longcoat on vermintide 2, can I please get a confirmation on that? Thank you all at fatshark :heart:

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Even if V2 is the better game, I do still highly recommend playing through all the V1 maps atleast up to Hard or Nightmare or Cata…

People don’t realize it, but V1 actually did a lot of things better than V2 and it’s also pretty fun to see how the story and characterization progressed


I do plan to play it! Between other games I play and the grind of vermintide 2, I just don’t see myself playing it very much though :confused: I do have a few friends on vtide 2 asking me to get it, so maybe ill put in a decent amount of time at least enough to get to cataclysm gameplay. I just don’t want to pay more for the first game than I did for vermintide 2.

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On sale through December I love you guys :heart:

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